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Why it is important to celebrate Pride Month in schools

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As we celebrate Pride Month in June, we take a closer look at the importance of embracing the movement within school environments and how teachers, school leaders and parents can actively support and advocate for equality and inclusivity.

In today’s diverse and evolving society, it is essential that schools work hard to create an inclusive environment for all students. By recognising and embracing the LGBTQ+ community within schools, it is possible to create an atmosphere of acceptance, respect and understanding, which will all have an excellent impact on the wellbeing and academic success of students.

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3 tips when supporting transgender students in school

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In 2023, more young people are exploring their sexual identity than ever before. In this blog, we explore three ways in which school staff can best support these students and create an environment in which they feel safe, and respected and will thrive both personally and academically.

Support services

Pastoral staff in a school must know how to access resources and associated support services specifically designed for transgender pupils. Pupils who are exploring their gender identity are like to feel unsure about a lot of the feelings that they are experiencing and will need someone in school they can approach to discuss their concerns. A few key tips for staff who are approached for support by a transgender pupil are:

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5 ways a pastoral wraparound approach can help those with mental health issues

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Pastoral care is an essential part of school life and aims to meet the needs of a pupil’s happiness, safety, well-being, and ultimately future success. How a school offers this pastoral wraparound care has to be personalized to meet the individual needs of the students in their setting, however, in this article, we discuss 5 ways in which pastoral support can help those students with mental health issues.

1. Helps the whole child… and the whole school?

Research conducted by Best (2014) has shown that effective pastoral care can improve students’ attendance, subdue racism and bullying, teach respect for self and others, and promote tolerance, especially in students with protected characteristics.

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Why Tracking Students’ Progress Remotely Is Vital

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Tracking students’ progress, whether during physical classes or remote classes, is vital for determining their potential and how effective learning and teaching methods have been for them. Tracking students’ progress is not only important for teachers but also vital for students themselves and their parents.

Furthermore, numerous other reasons make it important for educators and teachers to keep a track of a student’s progress remotely. Here are the various other reasons that make tracking students’ progress remotely important.

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3 tips for NQTs when supporting students remotely

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Newly qualified teachers may be expected to be in the classroom continuously, however, remote learning has broadened the responsibilities of teachers. Here are some tips for NQTs.

Schools can close for a variety of reasons, such as teacher strikes, bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. NQTs need to be prepared for anything that can happen to ensure students are still supported effectively remotely. Here are three tips for NQTs when they have to support students remotely.

1. Have a pastoral wraparound approach

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3 reasons why learning online can be better for SEND students

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Blog 3 reasons why learning online can be better for SEND students

SEND students may struggle with their education in a mainstream setting but could acquire real benefits from online learning if the circumstances dictate. Here’s why it can be better for them.

The 2022 SEND Review has highlighted poor outcomes and experiences for SEND students stating:

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Why early intervention leads to better results

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Students can experience many challenges throughout their school life, but an early intervention could help them. Finding the right solution for them is imperative so they can work in an environment that is most suited to their needs.

The 2022 SEND Review, Right Support, Right Place, Right Time highlighted how there has been:

“A vicious cycle of late intervention, low confidence and inefficient resource allocation”

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5 ways online alternative provision can improve your Ofsted grading

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Ofsted gradings are crucial for a school’s reputation, and whatever alternative provision a school uses could be detrimental to its final evaluation.

An online alternative provision, with the correct measures in place, could be beneficial for schools in search of a solution to support their students in need.

Recently, unregistered alternative provisions have come under scrutiny concerning their authenticity and usefulness. However, there are online alternative provisions that can address many students’ challenges they may be experiencing.

Schools have the responsibility to choose the best provision that can meet the certain needs of a student. According to statistics:

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The best ways to raise students’ confidence

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A lack of confidence can become a heavy weight on student performance. It makes them feel unsure about the topic at hand, prevents them from reaching their potential and leads to unnecessary stress and disruption.

Boosting student confidence can have a significant impact on a class or an individual, they are more likely to speak up and give an opinion and is well worth the effort. Here are the best ways you can help instil confidence in your students.

Create active rolls for your students

Perhaps the very best way to give your students confidence in the classroom is to have them actively involved in the learning process. Have your students take turns to lead discussions or activities, give them the freedom to share their knowledge on a subject and encourage participation from every person, and you will be surprised at the results.

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