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Parents can be fined for taking children on holiday during term time without the school’s permission because children miss valuable learning. For students who are absent, catch-up sessions for holiday learning time are vital to get them back on track. 

The UK Government states:

You have to get permission from the headteacher if you want to take your child out of school during term time. And you can only do this if:

  • You make an application to the headteacher in advance (as a parent the child normally lives with)
  • There are exceptional circumstances

What are the school rules for term time holidays?

School attendance rules are set out in the Education Act and are applicable to English state schools. Between the four nations of the UK, the rules are slightly different:

Wales: Headteachers may authorise absences in certain circumstances, though unauthorised absences can be penalised with fines; each local authority interprets the rules differently

Scotland: Local Education Authorities (LEAs) can issue attendance orders to parents and failure to give appropriate reasons for absence from school can result in fines

Northern Ireland: Parents are fined for unauthorised absences, but can be referred to the Education Welfare Service

Legislation concerning term time holidays were implemented in September 2013. Previously, schools were allowed to provide holiday leave for families of up to 10 days per year (and more in exceptional circumstances). Now though, headteachers can only provide authorised absence during term time in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Schools and local authorities can ask for evidence of exceptional circumstances such as weddings or funerals, and for evidence of illness if children are off with sickness.

What are the punishments for term-time holidays?

If a parent’s request for leave is unathorised and a holiday is still taken, a fine penalty of £60 per child per parent may be issued. This can become £120if not paid within 21 days and beyond this, court proceedings may be initiated.

 In 2015:

  • 19,920 people were taken to court for failing to ensure that a child went to school
  • 75% were found guilty
  • 77% of those found guilty were given fines
  • 8 people were jailed
  • 553 people were given community sentences

Catch-up sessions for holiday

Those children who are absent will need catch-up sessions for holiday lost learning.

EDClass provides tailored learning support to KS3 and KS4 pupils who may have been absent from education. Over 11,000 lessons are available in subjects including Maths, English and Science. Live teaching is available, as well as a range of tools including learning materials, quizzes and tasks to provide students with the necessary knowledge they need.

It is an ideal tool for homework as well as out-of-classroom learning.

Safeguarding is a fundamental of the system. Alert mechanisms, questionnaires and chat functions can all be used for students to raise any issues. Eyes-on learning has protected some of the UK’s most vulnerable students, as our highly trained staff can pick up any issues raised on camera and bring them to the attention of the school and other local authorities.

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