Schools Bill scrapped – how can students be helped?

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The Schools Bill, designed to improve education standards, has been scrapped potentially leading to more implications. What can be done to help support schools and students now whilst other plans are drawn up?

The Bill, which derived from The Schools White Paper in March, supposedly hit several obstacles and 18 clauses were removed relating to academies and regulations, ultimately leading to its dismissal.


3 ways teachers can motivate students with behavioural problems

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Students who regularly display unacceptable behaviour will not only negatively affect their own learning but will also hinder the learning of others. Below we look at three suggestions in which students with behavioural problems can be motivated to stay ‘on-task’.


Pupils who display unacceptable behaviour have often experienced a number of Adverse Childhood Experiences and, what these children need more than anything else from their school is a routine. This includes whole school routines and systems but, just as importantly, it includes what the classroom teacher can do each and every lesson.


How to offer timely and effective support for students remotely

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Students learning remotely need timely and effective support if they are to succeed in their education. What needs to be in place and how can it be done?

The vicious cycle for students needs to be broken and this can be achieved by finding the most suitable solution for a student. Students over the past few years have felt abandoned, especially those in alternative provisions. Assurances need to be created so students have enough support whilst learning remotely and they feel valued.


Virtual Reality in Schools

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With the advancement in digitalisation, educational institutions have started using newer technology, such as virtual reality, in their learning modes. Modern learning environments utilise virtual reality in open learning methods to make education more accessible to learners.

There are several ways of integrating virtual reality into learning modes. One example is incorporating the technology of VR into the medical demonstrations, where the learners learn the medicinal terms without coming in contact with any bacteria or harmful substances.


Why Tracking Students’ Progress Remotely Is Vital

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Tracking students’ progress, whether during physical classes or remote classes, is vital for determining their potential and how effective learning and teaching methods have been for them. Tracking students’ progress is not only important for teachers but also vital for students themselves and their parents.

Furthermore, numerous other reasons make it important for educators and teachers to keep a track of a student’s progress remotely. Here are the various other reasons that make tracking students’ progress remotely important.


What to expect for 2023 GCSEs?

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Examinations are quickly getting back to the pre-covid times. With normalcy, GCSE 2023, students have been facing a lot of anticipation regarding what they will be facing and what they can expect, especially since the government’s decision to reinstate the pre-covid examination grading scale.

GCSE exams are scheduled to be held during May and June of this year. If you too are wondering about the exams and have little to no idea, this blog will cover all aspects of the 2023 GCSE exams and will be answering some of the most-asked questions.

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