Schools Bill scrapped – how can students be helped?

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The Schools Bill, designed to improve education standards, has been scrapped potentially leading to more implications. What can be done to help support schools and students now whilst other plans are drawn up?

The Bill, which derived from The Schools White Paper in March, supposedly hit several obstacles and 18 clauses were removed relating to academies and regulations, ultimately leading to its dismissal.


How local authorities can use online learning to improve attendance

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Online learning is a valuable tool that can be used to improve attendance for students who are struggling to attend school in person. Local authorities can use online learning to provide students with flexible and convenient access to education, regardless of their location or circumstances. This can help to reduce the number of absences and keep students on track to graduate.


Keeping Curriculum Engaging and the Benefits of Online Learning

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The ability to deliver an engaging and informative curriculum can be achieved through several methods. With increasing popularity, online learning can provide instrumental impacts on a child's learning and personal development.

Asynchronous learning has allowed online learning to be the perfect solution to many students' problems. However, the curriculum they are learning must be relevant, specific and overall engaging for them. In addition to this, support needs to be given from expert and qualified teachers who care for well-being and academic development.


5 science facts to amaze your students

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Students can have four, five or even six lessons during a day and some may feel that they are being bombarded with useless, irrelevant or even boring information. However, sometimes, it can take just one interesting fact or exciting anecdote to capture a student’s interest and ignite their passion for a subject. In this article, we have collated our five favourite science facts that will amaze and engage your students.


How local authorities can use online intervention for students

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Online interventions have great potential to assist students who need specific support. Students may struggle to attend a mainstream setting for a variety of reasons, it is important to provide the right support for these students so they can thrive in an environment they feel comfortable with.

Local authorities can provide suitable settings for students as they have the opportunity to provide inclusive educational settings. It is important to consider how valuable online interventions can be for students with specific needs and how they can support schools. 


What to expect for 2023 GCSEs?

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Examinations are quickly getting back to the pre-covid times. With normalcy, GCSE 2023, students have been facing a lot of anticipation regarding what they will be facing and what they can expect, especially since the government’s decision to reinstate the pre-covid examination grading scale.

GCSE exams are scheduled to be held during May and June of this year. If you too are wondering about the exams and have little to no idea, this blog will cover all aspects of the 2023 GCSE exams and will be answering some of the most-asked questions.

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