How to support a child with ADHD in education

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be a complex neurodivergent challenge that children present to parents and teachers. It’s important to understand their needs and accommodate what suits them so they can achieve the best experiences and outcomes.

EDClass spoke to the founder and CEO of ADHD Advocate, Stephanie Camilleri to discuss the challenges of ADHD and what strategies we can implement to overcome certain barriers. Stephanie was a former lawyer and transitioned to educating and inspiring about ADHD following the diagnosis of her daughter and herself.


5 reasons why celebrating student success is important

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Supporting students to achieve the best possible outcomes in education can present difficulties. However, we must consider a child’s thoughts, and feelings and provide positive behaviour reinforcement whilst celebrating their successes to instil confidence and self-esteem.


The importance of choosing the right provision for students

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EDClass had the privilege of speaking with the designated safeguarding person from Featherstone Academy, Barry Eaton, to discuss their use of the platform, what challenges they had and the benefits that have been evident since implementing the system for their students.

Featherstone Academy has been using the EDClass system since 2015 and the platform has successfully supported and reintegrated students on suspension or who had mental health challenges.


3 reasons reading is essential for development

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The pandemic caused a massive loss in learning, particularly reading. Pupil’s mental health and well-being were also impacted and improving this will still take time. It’s crucial to support children’s development and aspirations and this can be initiated by implementing fundamental reading skills.


How to Foster Positive Learning, Engagement, and Well-being

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Fostering a positive learning environment that drives engagement and supports well-being can be difficult, especially if there are other challenges surrounding the school. There could be limited time to focus on this aspect due to behavioural incidents or other areas that require more attention.

However, we must recognise the importance of creating a learning environment where a child will want to attend in the first place. If children are to fulfil their educational potential, we must provide a space where they feel safe and secure.


5 ways you can improve safeguarding

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Safeguarding students should be paramount within the education system. As stated in KCSIE 2023, safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Robust and stringent measures need to be implemented to ensure everyone involved in a school environment is protected and secured.

Jonathan Keay, Senior HMI stated:

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