Vocational qualifications for disengaged students

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The negative connotations that come along with a student who is disengaged do little to help the pupil or school in tackling underlying issues, and in fact there has long since been a link between low teacher expectations and a self-fulfilling prophecy of a student who underperforms.

Allowing students to struggle in the traditional classroom setting has now been recognised as counterproductive for all – for teacher, for pupil and for fellow pupils.

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Strategies to Educate School Refusers

Reading time: 3 minutes

With the statutory requirement to report attendance figures comes the additional need to look at why pupils aren’t attending. School refusers make up some of these statistics and this covers those who simply don’t want to go to school or those who are phobic and become incredibly anxious when attending is suggested.

It’s important to get to the centre of why a child refuses to attend, it’s also crucial to put support in place through educational strategies.

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Preventing Pupils Becoming NEET

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One fifth of all young people aged 16-24 don’t make the leap from school to work, a situation which can quickly become a cycle of failure and despondency.

The long term outlook for this group is one which will affect their wellbeing in a number of ways; their mental and physical health and their poor economic forecast. Typically, these pupils will come from a background of low-income and long standing issues and so there is a need for the best support possible to help this disadvantaged group to achieve as much as possible academically.

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