When is the best time to revise?

To revise is a crucial skill in preparing for exams. As end of year exams edge clearly, revision will form a crucial part of your strategy of best performing for an exam.

But when is the best time to revise? Is it during the day? Is it during the night? This blog post explains.

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Students to do Their Homework

Homework is something that the vast majority of student’s dread, and it is the least looked forward to at the end of the day. It can be equally frustrating for teachers as well, after all they want nothing more than to inspire students, and it is not often that homework does this.

However, there are ways that you can make homework that much more interesting for students, and these five tips will help you to discover how.

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Innovative Ways to Encourage Students to do Homework

The success of a lesson can often depend on how many of the class have completed their previously set homework. If some haven’t attempted any or all of it, they are at an instant disadvantage in their knowledge of the activities ahead and they lack the achieving of set targets and goals.

The solution is to try to find innovative ways to encourage all the class to complete their homework on time. This way they stay up to date, their learning increases and they feel comfortable with tackling the next steps of the curriculum.

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Repetition for revision

In this month’s issue of ED Journal, we explored a few methods we believed would be beneficial to a pupil’s revision programme. Although the majority of the article focused on technological aspects, the use of certain websites for example, there was one suggestion we included that did not require any kind of technology (although it certainly could be incorporated). I would like to look a little more in-depth at this strategy and the theory behind it.

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