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When it comes to teaching, one thing that helps the process is to have a cohesive feeling throughout the pupils in your class. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching primary school or older students, the principles remain the same.

That said, there are times when there will be differing personalities and characters in the classroom, meaning that teamwork is something that you need to work harder at achieving.

We have put together this guide to help you to find ways to encourage teamwork in the classroom and make sure that you have a class who enjoys and thrives in working together.

Mix it up

Pupils have a tendency to want to work with those they consider their friends. As educators, we have the ability to encourage them to move around the class, perhaps working with people they wouldn’t otherwise choose. This could be in the form of a monthly rotation; whereby doing this, you not only allow bonds to form, but also give them the opportunity to move around the class during group working.

Reward good team work

As humans, we love nothing more than being rewarded for a job well done. This is particularly true in an education setting. Make sure that you not only notice a team that is working well together but reward them too. This also applies to a larger group, which could have a class reward if they work well together.

Make it fun

One of the easiest ways to encourage teamwork in a classroom setting is to make it fun. After all, who doesn’t love getting stuck into a fun activity? There are plenty of educational, yet engaging games that you can ask your class to complete, and they won’t even realise that they are forming a bond as they try to solve the problem.

Set out some ground rules

People are more likely to interact in a group setting if they have some ground rules set out to protect them. This could come in the form of “being respectful”, “allowing everyone to talk” and “listening to each other”. These simple rules could be the difference between a fully functioning team and one that is bordering on chaotic.

Be part of the team

There is no better way to lead than by example. So if you want to ensure that your students are working as a team, be a part of that team too. Follow the rules, interact and bond with your fellow teammates. Then, above all else, allow yourself to have fun. When they see that you are relishing in your newfound team status, they too will want to join in!

Feeling like a team is a sure-fire way to help your pupils feel great about coming to school and make sure they are ready to learn. So why not put in place one or two of these ideas and see what you can create?