20 unbelievable science facts that will shock you

Reading time: 4 minutes

Science is in the news every single day. From NHS stories, to issues with fracking, climate change, discoveries, nature and the solar system it is something which is unavoidable.

Science has benefits from helping us improve of way of life, our quality of life and helping others. It’s importance means it is compulsory from primary schools up to GCSE. To become a doctor it takes up to 14 years of training to become specialised.

In this unprecedented times, science is never out of the spotlight. And whether it’s chemistry, biology or physics you’re interested in – these unbelievable science facts will blow your mind.

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World Health Day: Stay on top of KS3 and GCSE Science

Reading time: 2 minutes

7 April is World Health Day. The day celebrates the work of nurses, midwives, world leaders are more in their endeavours. Perhaps it is a timely day given the circumstances we are currently faced with.

How health can be positively and adversely affected by our actions. Many of these are explained to us throughout KS3 science and biology lessons. 

But what is World Health Day and how can KS3 and KS4 science help us understand our health?

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Top 10 educational games to keep children occupied

Reading time: 2 minutes

Many parents are unsure how to entertain their children following school closures announced on Wednesday.

The decision has crated an uncertain time for parents and pupils. Many parents do not want education to cease.

But how should you keep children occupied during the period, and how can you ensure education continues? This blog post is the top 10 educational games to keep children occupied.

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Why maths is essential from a very young age

Reading time: 3 minutes

Maths is an essential in everyday life. We use mathematics concepts each day in our lives (often without realising). The subject governs everything around us and without a good understand a person could encounter difficult problems in life.

There is a reason why maths is one of the first subjects we learn at school. 

This blog post explains the reasons why maths is essential and you can use online learning to improve your ability.

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Should social media have a place in our curriculum?

Reading time: 2 minutes

Social media is here and there’s no getting away from it. While it will necessarily evolve in future years, there is little doubt that social communication online is here to stay.

The question for teachers and school leaders is how to integrate that into the curriculum and, indeed, whether it should be integrated into it at all.

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