World Health Day: Stay on top of KS3 and GCSE Science

7 April is World Health Day. The day celebrates the work of nurses, midwives, world leaders are more in their endeavours. Perhaps it is a timely day given the circumstances we are currently faced with.

How health can be positively and adversely affected by our actions. Many of these are explained to us throughout KS3 science and biology lessons. 

But what is World Health Day and how can KS3 and KS4 science help us understand our health? This blog post explains.

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Using social media as an aid to learning

Modern students spend a lot of time online. In particular, they spend a lot of time on social media. For some teachers, this can be frustrating, hindering their attempts to persuade pupils to engage with homework and content beyond the classroom.

Here are a few ideas you could use to get social media working for you and your class.

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5 potential career paths for…physics students

Physics is not only an exciting and engaging course of study, it is also the gateway to a number of satisfying and rewarding careers.

From traditional scientific industries to more unusual pathways, there are a great many opportunities open to physics specialists which are sure to appeal to students with an interest in the field.

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