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Extension work is crucial to sustaining the rapid progress demanded by Ofsted and can often tip teachers over the edge.

Read these top tips and see if they help provide a solution for this common issue:

1. Have a bank of generic tasks on cards available

Create cards with statements such as “find out more about…” and “select the key words from today’s lesson…”. Students who have met the target can move on to a new task that can be linked back to the lesson, the cards can be grouped into consolidation or development categories and signposted accordingly.

2. Create ongoing projects

Develop term or year-long projects that require research into a particular topic and can be presented in whatever form best allows that student to succeed. For example, the topic of Archimedes in Maths might generate a historical re-enactment, a website or a PowerPoint with video clips – the possibilities are endless.

These could be worked towards whenever learning objectives were met, and all finished projects could be presented during a project week at the end of term. Staff workload is reduced, students are engaged and a cross-curricular enrichment week almost plans itself.

3. Gather student voice

For the braver teachers, try asking: “If you were teaching this lesson next time what would you include?” You might just be inspired by the answers!

4. Class libraries

Take a selection of books from the school library and place them in each classroom to encourage reading for pleasure. If your library is in need of a boost then make a link with your local library or organise a book exchange in school.

5. Self-assessment

Taking the time at the start of the year to ensure that your pupil friendly APP grids really are pupil friendly will pay off if you can then use them to get students to assess their own work and progress, as well as set themselves meaningful targets.

A template or worksheet will guide them through the process, which both engages the student and reduces the teacher’s workload. We love a win-win!