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Teachers are at the centre of a school and immensely contribute to a student’s life. However, they are often neglected. Teacher strikes have been an ongoing phenomenon over the world for years. Education workers have rebelled countless times since time immemorial due to various reasons. The grievance of education workers over their pay is primarily the cause of their ongoing strikes.

However, the problem of the teachers is not limited to economic reasons. It concerns several other factors, such as their demanding smaller class sizes and more school staffing. Hence, the effect of strikes in schools can be felt in the decreasing quality of education and services. These teacher strikes require resolution for the schools to function normally.

Solutions to strikes in school

With the teachers’ strikes impacting the students’ lives, it is time to find solutions to strikes in school. With the teachers’ strikes spreading worldwide, the effect of strikes in schools can be felt as shutting down schools temporarily or being understaffed. There is no question that teachers should be paid more to improve their health, welfare, and the quality of education. However, as the reason for the strikes in school goes way beyond the monetary causes, the solution to strikes in school also needs to be targeted, far-reaching, and encompassing.

Some of the solutions to strikes in school

Several solutions can be enforced in schools to resolve teachers’ strikes. These solutions are listed below.

• Look at the whole narrative- To find the most effective solution to strikes in schools, the government needs to examine the entire narrative. This includes finding all the problems the teacher faces in the school and targeting them step-by-step.

• Start with small changes in the pay structure- In some parts of the world, teachers are not being paid their monthly compensation stating the withdrawal of funds from the government. So, there needs to be more appropriate funding from the government. The government needs to allocate funds to each sector rightly. The economy of the countries might need help to support the sudden demand for higher pay for these civil servants in one go. However, the governmental authorities should start at least by making small changes resulting in hikes in teachers’ salaries.

• Improve the work environment for teachers- Most teachers are dissatisfied with their work environment. They usually feel they are not allowed a chance to grow and thrive. However, the concerned authorities can improve their working environment by providing opportunities for teacher cooperation during the school day and scope for relevant professional growth during that time. The school leaders are responsible for fostering a pleasant work environment, and teachers’ strikes will significantly decrease when the teachers are satisfied with their respective work environments. The most fundamental solution to this problem can be achieved by organising workshops for teachers and twilight training sessions.

• Make changes in the infrastructure and working of educational institutions- Because the classroom sizes and understaffing of the schools are reasons for the teacher strikes, both of these issues need to be targeted. Hence, one of the solutions to strikes in schools is the allotment of funds to the infrastructure of schools so that the students can get adequate classes to receive quality learning. Another solution to strikes in schools is the appropriate staffing of the schools. Rather than overworking the teachers, a sufficient number of teachers should be hired in temporary or permanent positions to facilitate a better environment for the teachers.

It is possible to significantly alter how instructors approach their work and feel about their workplace by addressing any one of these solutions. Even if the change is at a small level, there are numerous benefits to addressing these solutions. The teachers will be more satisfied with their working environment, decreasing their chances of leaving the classes.

Higher satisfaction among the teachers can result from their deserved salaries, improvement of their work environment, or better fund allocation. This will increase the results of hiring, keeping, and promoting teachers. Teachers want to work in environments where they can prosper.

Teacher guidance is more effective when that occurs, and the students receive a quality education. Hence, the teachers’ strikes have a direct influence not only on their mental well-being but also on the students’ learning environments. Therefore, it is crucial to enforce solutions to strikes in school.

An online alternative provision can help

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