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The impact the pandemic has caused on parents’ health and wellbeing cannot be ignored. Focus on their own work shifted towards their children’s education and health. With the end to most pandemic-related restrictions on the horizon, parents can now focus on a return to normality.

With schools now reopening and children reintegrating, the situation is improving but some children are yet to return, raising concerns for parents.

According to the Department of Education:

“5.1% of all pupils in state-funded schools did not attend school for COVID-19 related reasons on 24 June – a total of 375,000 children.”

Children have lost out on a significant amount of education during lockdowns. Parents have had to balance working from home and attending to their children’s wellbeing and learning.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies:

“The pressure on parents’ time is immense. On average, parents are doing childcare during 9 hours of the day, and housework during 3.”

Also, the Office for National Statistics found that the number of people working from home in the UK more than doubled as the pandemic struck.

“The data, compiled from a survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed 25.9% – or 8.4 million people – were completing duties from their place of residence at some point in the week they were spoken to.”

For parents, finding a balance between working at home and caring for their children has been difficult but remote online learning can be the key to helping them find that balance. According to a survey from Azoomee, at the start of the first lockdown in April 2020:

“75% of parents believe remote learning can educate children of all ages.”

Remote learning, has given children the opportunity to remain engaged throughout the pandemic. When delivered appropriately and safely, it can be used as an effective tool to help children learn and also ease the pressure on parents.

With thousands of students still not attending school and the summer holidays approaching, now could be the time for parents to use online learning to their advantage. Children could catch up on their lost education whilst allowing parents to focus on their careers and the wellbeing of their entire family.

Mental health and wellbeing of families seriously impacted by the pandemic

Many of us have suffered from the effects of the pandemic, and families have had to adjust their lives dramatically. Parents may have had to deal with redundancy, being furloughed and ensuring their child was still being properly educated.

According to the Office for National Statistics:

“Of parents who had personally home-schooled, half (50%) said it was negatively affecting their well-being in January 2021 compared with 28% in April 2020; whilst almost two-thirds (63%) said that it was negatively affecting their children’s wellbeing, compared with 43% in April 2020.”

Also, according to the University of Oxford:

“Notably, parents who had young children (10 or younger) living in the household reported particularly high stress during the first lockdown and around a third of them (36%) were substantially worried about their children’s behaviour at that time.”

The pandemic and resulting lockdown restrictions has clearly had a negative impact on parents and their children. However, online platforms are available to help keep children engaged and ultimately reduce the stress placed on parents.

Using online learning could also help children reintegrate into school and raise their attainment levels, and also enable parents and teachers to assess their educational development.

EDClass can help parents support their children’s education

EDClass offers specific guidance and support from UK-qualified teachers and support staff. The secure platform also includes tools that monitor a child’s safety and progression through their work.

There are over 17,000 lessons available, including English, Maths and Science, all designed to cater to different key stages. The platform also includes a free timetable so you can review the unique content available through EDClass.

EDClass TV can help your child learn in a fun and secure environment, and catch up on lessons and topics they missed because of the pandemic. Using EDClass can help your children raise their attainment levels, and the included system of assessment can monitor and track progress.

For further information on how EDClass can help you and your child please call 01909 568 338, send an email to, contact us here or book a demo here.

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