Changes and cancellations hit exams in Scotland

Exams in Scotland are to be adjusted or cancelled in 2021, the Education Secretary has announced.

The biggest announcement has seen National 5 exams cancelled and replaced with teacher assessments and coursework.

John Swinney said it was likely students would face disruption and that the Covid-19 pandemic was “too big a risk“.

Here is what you need to know.

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Williamson determined 2021 exams will go ahead

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has said he is “deeply sorry” to school pupils who had grades downgraded as a result of this summer’s exam algorithm and has said he is “determined” exams will go ahead in 2021.

The Education Secretary was speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday – his first appearance in Parliament since the decision was made to award pupils with their predicted grades for this summer’s exams.

Find out what he had to say by reading the blog post below.

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School catch up: changes to literature and history curriculum

A school catch up plan is in operation within many schools in the UK. Scotland have announced plans to get all pupils back to school over the next two weeks. In England, pupils will return full-time from September.

But the need to get children caught up on many essentials means changes to the curriculum in others.

Exam body, Ofqual, said they had “significant concern” about school’s abilities to cover all the subjects that form the basis of exam questions. 

What could this mean for how education looks in 2020-21? This blog post explains.

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When is the best time to revise?

To revise is a crucial skill in preparing for exams. As end of year exams edge clearly, revision will form a crucial part of your strategy of best performing for an exam.

But when is the best time to revise? Is it during the day? Is it during the night? This blog post explains.

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5 simple strategies…to prepare students for exams

Exam season is difficult for everyone, and many students will find themselves feeling stressed as well as overwhelmed.

It can be hard to prepare them for the upcoming tests, but you can at least try to make it easier on them. Here are five simple strategies that you can use to help prepare students for exams.

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Exam results – are they an accurate measure of achievement?

The subject of whether or not exam results are an accurate measure of achievement is one that has found itself in the headlines quite frequently over the past couple of years.

There are many voices on either side of the debate – all seemingly promoting logical yet diametrically opposing views. So, do exam results matter and are they an indicator of ability?

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KS1 SATs could be replaced by assessments. Is this a good idea?

At the end of March, 2017, the government announced that they were looking to replace KS1 SATs with teacher assessments.

For years, teachers and parents alike have been pressuring the government to scrap SATs for seven-year-olds because they felt that these tests placed unnecessary stress on everyone involved, and were not reliable indicators of a student’s ability.

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