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Tracking students is essential, especially in modern times where students are behind and the race to catch up is on.

By tracking students accurately and monitor your school can:

  • Find precisely where individual students are in their learning against a set of learning intentions and success criteria
  • Help students know what their next steps in learning are, which facilitates significant increases in their students’ achievements

Parental and pupil engagement are boosted by confidently and accurately reporting performance feedback to them. But why is it critical at the present moment in time to track and assess students accurately and continuously? This blog post explains.

Why tracking student data important?

Data is helpful when monitoring the progress of individual students across a range of learning areas, as well as tracking their achievement throughout the academic year. The data can be used to identify where a student is placed in relation to their personal learning goals, the other students in the class or other targeted benchmarks.

Monitoring student progress also has the benefit of allowing the teacher to evaluate their own performance. If tasks are difficult to understand, more focus may be required on that subject or specific objective.

By doing this, teachers can make more informed instructional decisions and change their teaching style to improve the quality of their teaching.

Tracking students also means you can quickly identify at risk. By monitoring all students you can ensure that no student ‘slips through the gap’. If any student requires extensions or additional support, these needs can be identified.

How should you track students?

The ACER’s Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation says that:

Assessment should provide the informed starting point for establishing and understanding where learners are in their learning and enable long-term progress to be monitored. That is, assessment should promote a growth mindset in our schools.

EDStarz goes one step further with a skills gap analysis. This allows your learners to access diagnostic exams. This identifies their gaps in knowledge, access to online e-learning lessons, tasks and modular assessment for the core subjects.

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About EDClass

The EDClass platform allows you to track and monitor the progress of an individual, class, target group or year group. It provides:

  • A platform where any type of summative and formative assessment can be assessed, tracked, monitored and recorded
  • Students’ expectations, strengths and weaknesses can be highlighted and monitored
  • A graphical data page allows comparisons between actual classroom progress and students’ expected and predicted progress
  • Assessment dates, deadlines and progress reports can be easily created
  • A teacher page can be set up to comment on, assess work and monitor behaviour, attendance, attainment and achievement
  • A student page can be set up to identify strengths, weaknesses, effort and behaviour against expectations
  • You can create your own lessons, homework and baseline tasks
  • Create an extensive breakdown of every question, exam and assessed area – suitable for a cohort, target group, class or individual
  • Create a student and parent-friendly area to understand the data through progress reports, comments and graphs
  • Create target groups to enhance catch up students progress in key subjects (English, Maths and Science) 

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