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Thousands of people are pondering how to spend time during isolation. From cooking, school work, to quick fitness workouts – a whole range of ideas have been discussed.

The Independent today listed ‘learn a language‘ as one of its eight skills to learn during isolation. 

But why turn to MFL during isolation and how can you learn a language quickly and easily in your own home?

Why you should learn a language

Many people are preparing themselves for a holiday next year, and learning a language means you can start preparing now. With language skills you can embed yourself into the new culture, know your way around and be able to interact with locals. 

Plus, if working abroad has been on your mind, it’s always useful for the CV.

20 reasons to learn a language

  1. Create a positive attitude
  2. Less prejudice towards different cultures
  3. There is a close link between learning a language and improved analytical skills
  4. Increase your value in the workplace
  5. Link between MFL and being more creative
  6. International travel is made more pleasant
  7. Improves problem solving skills
  8. Four out of five new jobs are created as a result of foreign trade
  9. MFL enhances learning skills and memory
  10. Gain a more profound understanding of your own culture
  11. A second language has a correlation between improved skills in Maths and English
  12. Graduates site languages are some as the most valuable courses due to it leading to increased communication skills
  13. It increases English vocabulary skills
  14. You can embed more easily with different cultures
  15. You gain additional marketable skills for the global economy
  16. Languages offer an understanding of the past: both culturally and linguistically
  17. Languages encourage respect for other people
  18. It can expand your view of the world
  19. It leads to an appreciation of cultural diversity
  20. And it opens the door to dance, music, fashion and more

For more reasons why you should learn a language click here.

How can EDArcade help?

You can learn 23 languages using EDArcade.

EDArcade features in-game translations so you can learn while you play. Our EDVille game can be changed to provided languages – and also features conversations and responses.

The platform itself translates into the languages, giving ESOL pupils the support they need.

EDArcade is an educational games platform. Our games-on-learning platform means students can still be engaged with education, even while schools are closed. More than 100 educational games are available.

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