GCSEs: Students can sit exams if they don’t like results

Students can sit exams this autumn, should they disagree with predicted GCSEs in 2020.

Schools will determine an expected grade for pupils using a number of metrics.

If students feel they can do better than the result prescribed, they will though have an option to sit an exam. But how will this work in practice? This blog post explains.

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Manage your 2021 GCSEs

Schools are returning full-time in September – and your priority should be those students with their GCSEs coming up who are now behind on their learning.

The return to secondary school has been led by Year 10 students, with pressure on them to get caught up quickly.

How should you go about getting students caught up and preparing them for their GCSEs? This blog post explains.

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Your present Year 10s are your number one priority

Secondary schools in England are now open and the focus has turned to present Year 10s.

Exams may not be taking place this year, but next year’s Year 11 cohort may not be so fortunate. Therefore pressure is on Year 10s to get caught up quickly.

This blog post takes a look at the effects of the educational gap on GCSE students and what can be done to help students catch up.

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When is the best time to revise?

To revise is a crucial skill in preparing for exams. As end of year exams edge clearly, revision will form a crucial part of your strategy of best performing for an exam.

But when is the best time to revise? Is it during the day? Is it during the night? This blog post explains.

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5 simple strategies…to prepare students for exams

Exam season is difficult for everyone, and many students will find themselves feeling stressed as well as overwhelmed.

It can be hard to prepare them for the upcoming tests, but you can at least try to make it easier on them. Here are five simple strategies that you can use to help prepare students for exams.

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Exam results – are they an accurate measure of achievement?

The subject of whether or not exam results are an accurate measure of achievement is one that has found itself in the headlines quite frequently over the past couple of years.

There are many voices on either side of the debate – all seemingly promoting logical yet diametrically opposing views. So, do exam results matter and are they an indicator of ability?

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The new GCSE grade scale: what does the change to 1-9 mean?

As is commonplace for those in the education system, the past 24 months have marked much change, not least of which is the new GCSE grade scale.

Teachers, parents and pupils alike have faced a transition from the old scale of U – A*, to U to 9. Let’s explore what this change means and why it has been put in place.

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School league tables – what do they really mean?

League tables could be said to be a snapshot of the quality of a school; a grade which represents every lesson, each extra pastoral support meeting and the blood, sweat and tears of every teacher and pupil within a school over the past 12 months.

But can league tables could ever represent all of these elements? This question has been at the heart of a 2017 revolution in how the league tables are calculated. Let’s look at the before, the after and the impact of both.

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