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Today is National Skills Day (#NationalSkillsDay) – an important day for building confidence and connections.

At EDClass our motto is ‘education for all’, because we believe that everyone has a skill they can showcase.

 The event is part of National Careers Week. How are you planning to use and develop your skills today? Let us know in the comments below.

What are skills?

Skills are things that you learn – in order to do and achieve things.

They can be picked up through work, study or activities. By recognising these you may be able to find a career path.

How do you identify your skills?

Your abilities can be developed through school, college or university. They can also be advanced through extra-curriculum activities.

Work experience and volunteering can also develop them. Skills can also be taught by learning off friends and family.

You can analyse your skills by thinking about things you are good at and other things you have learned over the years.

What are transferable skills?

These skills can also be transferable.

Certain abilities work in every job:

Initiative: Taking responsibility for your own work and looking at ways to improve.

Planning: Deciding which tasks are your priority and time management.

Teamwork: Co-ordinating others and understanding each person’s contribution to the team.

Communication: This involves explaining your ideas clearly; you’re good at listening, presenting and persuading others.

Problem solving: You can assess situations and understand what is causing issues.

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How EDClass can help improve your abilities

EDClass can help you to improve your abilities.

Using our skills gap analysis via EDStarz you can understand your strengths and weaknesses.

EDStarz aims to enhance learners’ ability through working independently on the gaps in knowledge towards success and progress in the core subjects. This vastly enhances your opportunity to succeed.

Using EDClass, you have access to 11,000+ lessons in core subjects and others. The tailored learning pathway means you can improve on strengths and eradicate any weaknesses.

Find out more by calling 01909 568 338.