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Since school closures were announced 18 March, schools have turned to various forms of virtual learning to ensure education can still be achieved.

From specialist remote learning platforms to a do-it-yourself-style teaching with help from video conference software, the difference in learning experience can be stark.

But how safe is your online teaching mechanism?

Is video conference software safe?

Concern has been raised in Singapore over the security of video conferencing software, Zoom.

A number of serious breaches had been reported while the software was being used for live teaching.

Hackers have been able to hijack lessons, resulting in inappropriate images being shared and lewd comments being made.

In the UK, the Ministry of Defence had banned the app only for high level talks between the Prime Minister and the cabinet to be held on it a few days later.

Is there any update on when schools will reopen?

According to the Daily Mail, the cabinet is split on when lockdown should be lifted. Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson is believed to support an early lifting of the restrictions.

It is reported that he, along with Home Secretary Priti Patel and Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey, are concerned by problems stacking up in their departments.

The Mirror reports that Mr Williamson is “worried about the lack of pupil-teacher interaction during this time“. He also fears that poor and vulnerable students will be “left behind” if schools remain closed into late-May. 

What does EDLounge do to ensure it’s software is safe?

EDLounge Limited is built for use by vulnerable pupils and has a number of safeguarding measures in place to ensure pupils feel secure.

At EDLounge, we treat safeguarding as our highest priority – even greater than GDPR

Our online virtual classrooms include a function for learners offsite to let us know how they are on a daily basis, alert mechanisms, video/chat support, marking and various other industry-leading tools.

All EDLounge staff have passed an advanced child protection course. Senior Managers have passed an advanced Safeguarding Lead course and a Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults course. You can find out more here.

How can EDLounge Limited help your child’s education?

EDLounge Limited offers 11,000 lessons, live teaching and support, meeting the needs of many students.

The platform provides virtual learning, management and guidance through the online platform. The tracking system is pivotal for both teachers and pupils to monitor the performance of learning.

In 2019, EDLounge Limited was inspected by Ofsted. You can read the report here.

For more information, call 01909 568 338.