5 ways to improve poor attendance rates

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Recent attendance rates within schools have been very poor due to several factors. What can be done to improve levels and how can certain students be supported?

According to the recent Schools White Paper published in March that discussed attendance rates:

“children who had no absence during the two years of GCSE study were almost twice as likely to achieve five or more than those who missed 10-15% of lessons.”

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Exclusions: what can be done to help?

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Exclusions can lead to several ramifications for both pupils and schools. What alternatives or solutions can be offered to help support them?

Schools have recently adopted a zero-stance policy on certain behaviours resulting in students becoming isolated from their peers. Some of the main reasons why students become excluded include:

– Violence or aggressive behaviour
– Bullying
– Verbal abuse
– Physical abuse
– Drugs
– Criminal activity
– Defiance and disobedience

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Truancy rates in schools – can EdTech assist?

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Truancy rates and absenteeism are being scrutinised by the government following a new bill. Are schools ready for this, can they be supported and can EdTech assist?

Following the Queen’s speech, England’s schools will now be required to publish an attendance policy for their students aiming to crack down on absenteeism. Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi outlined his ambitions to improve schools:

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3 tips on improving student behaviour

Reading time: 3 minutes

Student behaviour can be difficult to control at times especially around exam season due to a decrease in attentiveness and focus to several factors. Here are three tips that can help get students back on track.

Several ideas can have a positive impact on student behaviour, but these tips can help schools in the long-term with their relationship with their students.

1. Engage with your students with a positive reinforcement mindset

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