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The BETT Show is one of the largest educational shows worldwide with 34,000 annual visitors across the education sector from the UK and Europe – taking place at the London Excel on 22-25 January.

The show brings together over 800 companies from across the EDtech sector from 146 different countries.

At EDLounge Ltd, we see #BETT2020 as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our alternative provision, which has been judged by OFSTED, to teachers and educators across the sector. We’ll be exhibiting at stands NH44 for EDLounge Ltd and NK36 for EDArcade Ltd. You can book an appointment with us by clicking the link below.

We’re nominated for the BETT Award

EDLounge Ltd has history at the BETT Awards. We’ve been BETT Award Finalists for the last three years, and in 2019 EDArcade won Best Gamification Platform at Kids Judge BETT – a feat which we are aiming to replicate this year.

In 2020, EDClass is nominated for ‘Best Educational Resource for Parents or Home Learning’. This is perfect for EDClass, as our service provides a virtual education platform for home learners.

It means that home learners have access to education of high quality, resources and teaching access. You can read more about our nomination here.

Choose the product that is right for you

Here is a guide of the products we have to offer:

EDClass – EDClass offers local authorities, schools and multi-academy trusts access to over 11,000 lessons, live teaching and support meeting the needs of many different students. Our online platform provides fully inclusive virtual learning, management and guidance – suitable for students with long-term illness, persistent absence or vulnerability. More information on the types of students we cater for can be found here.

EDMulti – EDMulti is a virtual learning environment which is designed specifically for Multi Academy Trusts. EDMulti provides an alternative provision for all schools under one central platform, with a proven record of increased attainment, improved behaviour and overall school improvement.

EDSeat – EDSeat is a platform designed for local authorities and pupil referral units. With a staggering number of children missing from education for a number of reasons, many individuals would benefit from an online platform as an alternative provision, temporary or long-term, to classroom-based learning.

EDStarz – EDStarz allows learners access to diagnostic exams. This identifies gaps in knowledge, with access to online e-learning lessons, tasks and assessments to challenge knowledge and understanding.

EDObserve – EDObserve is a central staff assessment tool designed to support newly qualified teachers to evaluate their own performance, or for peer assessments or observations without the added pressure of another person in the classroom. It can be used as part of the NQT programme to support teachers without overwhelming them or adding more pressure to their workload.

WeAssess – WeAssess seeks to ease the process of organising assessments and exams. The software means you can tailor your assessment approach for an individual, class, department, cohort or target group. It can track data, identify gaps in knowledge, recognise strengths and analyse skills.

EDInclude – EDInclude is an effective online learning platform for inclusion and isolation unit. It means pupil work can be tracked and monitored, with the outcome of improving behaviour, minimising issues occurring when a pupil returns to the mainstream platform.

EDExams – EDExams specialises in the development of software specific to the development of exams and assessment using a locked down and secure application. This secure online platform was developed with the need of the candidates in mind.

EDArcade – EDArcade is an educational games package developed to teach Primary School pupils tough topics through game-based learning. Teachers have the opportunity to set difficultly levels for tasks, and it can be used for classroom learning or homework.

DoMyCPD –  DoMyCPD is a time and cost-saving resource to deliver Continuous Personal Development training (CPD) to management and staff anywhere, anytime. It can be used for classroom management, teaching and learning, teaching methodologies and strategies used, behaviour management and teaching standards.

EDCoursework – EDCoursework is our coursework design platform. You can create brief, verify, set targets, assess and submit on one online platform – which can be edited for any qualification at any level or ability.

Whole School Toolkit – The Whole School Toolkit is a cloud or server based toolkit which securely manages data in and out of schools. Our platform provides a wide range of resources for SLT and management, including learning resources, curriculum building, feedback and mentoring. More information on the toolkit can be found here.

FS Quals – Our FSQuals solution is designed to meet Functional Skills criteria, but is also suitable for other skills improvement. FSQuals helps learners achieve potential with focus on areas where they most need support. Over 350 Maths lessons & 350 English lessons are available. 

EDQuals – EDQuals is a build your own secure qualification, coursework and CPD training platform, accessible via secure log-in. It is ideal for on the job staff training and upskilling. In 2019 it was used to upskill over 400 adult learners using a blended approach of classroom and online delivery. 

PurpleTurtle – PurpleTurtle is bespoke software designed for End Point Assessment, managing the process from start to finish. The process allows for assessment of apprentices to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and behaviour, tested through a variety of different assessment methods. 

Book a demo with EDLounge Ltd

Our highly trained experts will be on hand to coach you through the process. It gives you the opportunity to see the benefits of providing fully inclusive learning to all. Our service has a proven record of improving attendance and engagement in education.

EDLounge can be found at stand NH44 and EDArcade can be found at stand NK36.

Demonstrations are available on a book-in-advance basis, click here to book a one-to-one with our experts. Alternatively, you can find us on Connect @ BETT, or call or email us here.

What schools say about us

EDLounge Ltd has made a difference to schools around the UK and Internationally. To view our testimonials click here.

One multi-academy trust based in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire told us of the success EDLounge had with specific pupils, “One of our Year 11 students had been out of school for a long time. They managed to gain a GCSE qualification thanks to EDClass. Attendance ended on 32% when, prior to starting EDClass in February, their attendance had been at 14%.

“Another pupil went from 21% attendance in January and ended on 43%. This Year 11 pupil went on to do his GCSEs.”

What OFSTED say about us

OFSTED say of EDLounge Ltd, “Learners develop good work-related skills. They develop communication and interpersonal skills, which improve their confidence. For example, learners completing functional skills courses in ICT are able to apply complex formulas to carry out tax calculations on spreadsheets.

“Leaders and managers have high expectations for the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. They have a professional approach to developing teaching practice that is linked to clearly defined standards.

“Learners and managers have designed and implemented comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures. Learners are safe and feel safe.”

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