What has children’s mental health been like on return?

Everyone’s mental health has been affected during lockdown and with more students being referred to counselling services, the impact on children’s mental health should not be underestimated.

Primary and high school teachers have said children had “become more vulnerable in lockdown“, according to the BBC.

 75% of mental problems in adult life (excluding dementia) start under 18. What has been the impact on children’s mental health?

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It’s National Skills Day

Today is National Skills Day (#NationalSkillsDay) – an important day for building confidence and connections.

At EDClass our motto is ‘education for all’, because we believe that everyone has a skill they can showcase.

 The event is part of National Careers Week. How are you planning to use and develop your skills today? Let us know in the comments below.

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Rural delivery to students

Students in rural education deserve the same great opportunities as students in denser city centres and urban areas.

An article in The Atlantic calls a “divergence in fortunes” around higher education “coincided with another divergence – between growing cities and struggling rural regions.” This coincided with the rise of computers, which made certain people in the economy more productive and desirable than others. Whereas, prior to 1980, the supply of workers was a larger. In short, the rise of computers left a portion of the economy behind.

At EDClass we believe in education for all. This blog post takes a look at the support available to rural groups.

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Safeguarding learners with mental health issues

Today is Suicide Prevention Day – and this year more than most, mental health has taken centre stage.

Safeguarding learners during lockdown has been a challenge – and now schools have reopened experts are predicting a surge in cases, which some teachers are finding overwhelming.

This blog post explains the challenges faced and the solutions available to safeguard mental health students.

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Students experiencing separation anxiety

Separation anxiety could pose challenges for schools returning this autumn.

“It can be hard to recognise an anxiety disorder. Kids who worry are often quietly worried,” says Dr Michelle Curtin, developmental-behavioural pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health.

What are the signs of separation anxiety disorder, why might it occur and what can be done about it? This blog post explains.

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Separation anxiety could pose challenges for return to school

“Separation anxiety is a normal developmental phenomenon” says Judith A Crowell, professor and interim division director of adolescent psychiatry at Stony Brook University.

But with the absence of school for some pupils of over six months, separation anxiety could be on the rise when schools return in September. “I think anything that is associated with uncertainty or change has the potential to trigger anxiety in kids,” says Crowell.

This blog post takes a look at separation anxiety disorder and why it could worsen in the new academic year.

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