Racist bullying in England hits record high

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Racist bullying is endemic in our schools in the UK, according to a report on racism in schools released this week.

Analysis of Government figures by campaigners Hope Not Hate – and published in the London Evening Standard – found that English schools suspended or permanently excluded students 4,904 times for racist abuse in 2018-19.

It marks a 13% increase from 4,329 which was record in 2017-18 – and it is the highest number since records began in 2006.

Why is racist bullying so high and what can be done about it? This blog post explains.

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5 ways children and parents can stop cyberbullying

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There are reports that cyberbullying may be on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to Sameer Hinduja, professor of criminology and criminal justice at Florida University, “When smartphones and social media became ubiquitous for students, cyberbullying rates went up. This makes sense, of course, because there was now an almost limitless number of potential targets and aggressors.”  

But if increased cyberbullying is inevitable, what can parents and children themselves do about it?

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Mental health in schools: how education can help

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The news in recent days has been dominated by the death of Caroline Flack, with the presenter previously opening up on her battles with depression and anxieties in the public eye.

The topic has reinvigorated conversations about mental health. The issue heavily affects teenagers, with 98% of teachers and school leaders admitting to coming into contact with pupils experiencing mental health problems in 2017.

But what is the current practice for addressing mental health in schools? What else can be done?

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Prevent: schools are ‘missing opportunity’ to address extremism

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Some schools are missing the opportunity to address extremism, due to a minority of schools not designating incidents of bullying as racist. The report suggests that school leaders do not see extremism as relevant to their school or area.

This article explains Prevent Referral, and how it should be used when dealing with cases of extremism in schools.

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Possible signs of bullying

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Bullying is a timeless issue for parents and teachers to tackle – yet despite continual efforts to eradicate bullying from our school systems, it appears a problem that endures.

1.5 million Young people (50%) have been bullied within the past year.
145,800 (19%) of these were bullied EVERY DAY.
20% of all young people have physically attacked somebody.

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Preventing Persistent Absence and Truancy

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Truancy rates in the UK are among the highest in the developed world. One fifth of all UK teenagers admit to missing half a day of school in a two week period; in China it is less than one in 100.

Schools have been working hard to reduce truancy rates in line with current government policies. There are certainly signs that there are positive steps being achieved in that persistent absence figures reduced by a third between August 2013 and March 2014; in real figures this is a total of 7.7 million fewer school days lost.

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