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Many parents are unsure how to entertain their children following school closures announced on Wednesday.

The decision has created an uncertain time for parents and pupils. Many parents do not want education to cease.

But how should you keep children occupied during the period, and how can you ensure education continues? This blog post is the top 10 educational games to keep children occupied.

Top 10 educational games

10: Cracking Clocks: This game features around time locked vaults. By matching both analogue and digital clocks you can crack the code. The aim of the game is to unlock as many games as possible in the time limit.

9: Edoku: An alternative to the classic brain training games. Complete all rows and columns with numbers one to nine. Numbers cannot repeat in a column and must match with the inequality symbols on each grid.

8: Piece of Cake: In this game players are given a cake order and must follow the recipe to ensure the correct portions of cake are served.

7: Mackerel Mayhem: Playing as a fisherman, the aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible. As the game progresses, weigh out the fish and put them in the correct crate.

6: Bridged: Players will need to spell out bridges in order to cross them. Try to cross as many as possible before fuel runs out.

5: Magically Qwerty: Defend your castle walls against goblin by typing words as quickly as possible. The game has three difficulty levels to keep students occupied and engaged whilst improving typing skills.

4: Spelling Bee: Select the sunflower showing the correct spelling and avoid misspelt words. This game is the ultimate test of speed and spelling.

3: Word Drop: Similar to Tetris, this game is a test of spelling. Move left and right to match the start of the word to the end of the word. Blocks will drop fast so words need to be created quickly.

2: Circulator: This is a pipe puzzle game where players must connect the flow of blood to particular organs. Link oxygenated blood to an organ and deoxygenated blood to the heart. Players will then be given information on each particular organ.

1: Junk Food Dodge: This helps you to identify between healthy and unhealthy foods. Selecting unhealthy food can be detrimental to the player leaving school on time.

What are the educational games topics?

EDArcade consists of more than a hundred educational games across key subjects:

Where can I find out more?

Find more information on the benefits of EDArcade and how it can help pupils while school is closed here.

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