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Recent increases in class sizes have contributed to complications for students’ academic progression. Can EdTech assist and support teachers and students?

A recent article by The Guardian highlighted 9 in 10 teachers said that “bigger classes were harming pupils’ progress”. According to a poll of more than 3,000 teachers by the NASUWT teachers’ union:

“91% were of the view that class sizes were adversely affecting their pupils’ progress and attainment, while 90% felt they were having a detrimental effect on pupil behaviour.”

Increased class sizes can directly impact students’ learning due to mischievous behaviour being easily committed. Teachers may be unable to manage such a number of students at once so they need to find ways of allowing students to thrive in the classroom. According to research:

“engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.”

Additionally, not only can pupil behaviour decline with increased class size, teacher workload can subsequently increase too. According to research from the same poll:

“Half of respondents (50%) said their class size had had a significant negative impact on their workload.”

With an average class size in the UK of 26, teachers now have to handle an inordinate amount of students at once. Inexperienced teachers can also suffer and may struggle to keep up with the excessive workload.

EdTech can help class sizes

Despite bigger class sizes, there are students who prefer a hybrid learning model which has become popular since the pandemic and teachers could take advantage of this and accommodate each student’s specific needs.

“79.9 per cent of distance learning students agreed that they were content with the delivery of learning and teaching on their course during the pandemic, compared with 46 per cent of students who would usually be engaged in face-to-face learning.”

Furthermore, with bigger classes, teachers have said how there hasn’t been an adequate amount of resources to dispatch so students’ learning suffers as a result. According to the poll:

“Nearly eight out 10 teachers (78%) who took part in the poll said bigger class sizes mean there are not enough learning resources to go round.”

Students need resources so they can progress otherwise learning could be wasted. This demonstrates the benefits of online learning. Fewer resources are needed to be created and instant feedback can even be provided so teacher workload can be reduced.

Teacher wellbeing and student behaviour needs to be monitored

Teacher mental health and well-being also suffers because of increased class sizes. A 2021 survey from 3,000 teachers found that:

“77% experienced symptoms of poor mental health due to their work.”

Teachers need support and help with their students. This can be started by encouraging active learning and adapting teacher methods within the classroom so lessons become engaging and students become enthusiastic. According to a study:

“Edgar Dale (1969) proposed the Cone of Learning and emphasised that the active learning approach will help students to remember about 70%-90% of what they have learnt, even after two weeks.”

Increased student retention can make teachers’ lives easier as less time will be spent on revisiting previous work or dealing with low-level disruptive behaviour. It’s important that these students become engaged so the class as a whole will benefit.

How EDClass can help

The EDClass platform can be used by several types of students who require support and especially those who cannot make it into mainstream education.

However, it can also be beneficial for students who may have lapses in concentration or experience low-level disruptive behaviour and disturb other peers in their class affecting the course of the lesson.

Teacher workload can be significantly reduced with over 17,000 pre-made lessons created and instant feedback given to students through the system.

If you would like some information on how EDClass can help reduce workload, assist with class sizes or help with students with behavioural challenges then call 01909 568 338, send an email to or book a free online demonstration of the platform here.