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In May 2016, the High Court deemed that it was acceptable and within the law for parents to take their children on holiday during term time – a move that was stated as a victory for those with common sense among supporters.

Despite this ruling, the topic has still been one of controversy among parents and teachers alike, raising debate and question about the quality of education a child on holiday during term time can receive.

In this article, we ask if students should be allowed to go on holiday during term time, along with the benefits and disadvantages to the concept.

The Advantages

For parents, one of the big advantages is that the travel is cheaper during term time than the holidays, and so they can save a lot of money on flights. Plus, they have the chance to give their child an excellent cultural experience in a new country, which is very beneficial to their general education and can have huge advantages as they grow.

It increases their awareness of the world around them and lets them experience what life is like in other countries.

It could pave the way for the removal of the unauthorised absence fee that is found in state schools. If a child is removed from school unauthorised, there is a charge of £60 per pupil, that will double to £120 if not paid in three weeks.

Further failure to pay can lead to this increasing to £2,500 and three months in jail. Allowing holiday time during term time could help to remove or reduce this. Of course, sensibility should remain and the number of term time holiday days allowed should be set each academic year.

The Disadvantages

One of the big concerns people have is the child missing key parts of the curriculum that the teacher might not be able to cover again. Of course, they can catch up at home, but most parents do not trust their child to do so.

It has been shown that the children with full attendance generally do better than those who take time out to holiday during term time. Of course, this can also depend from child to child and if you trust your child to do the work then there shouldn’t be an issue.

If all parents decided to do this, then there would be a lack of continuity in lessons – which could lead to disruptions and students getting lost, not to mention the teachers.

It can be difficult for a teacher to help multiple students catch up with the work they missed, and it could result in some getting left behind and struggling.

So what do you think – should students be allowed to go on holiday during term time? Share your opinion in the comments below!