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As we enter a period of economic uncertainty, employee disputes become more common, and that includes the education sector. Teachers tend to strike as a last resort, but when they do, it impacts students at every level. The disruption to learning can be an issue, but online learning solutions can help students overcome the challenges. Here are three ways online learning can help during teacher strikes.

Maintaining continuity of learning

One of the key aspects of a teacher strike is that students don’t attend their classes, disrupting the education routine. Most students can adapt quickly to this temporary change, but some struggle, and over time it can lead to a loss of focus or even disinterest in the learning process.

However, online learning allows students to maintain a routine by engaging in educational activities from home during a strike period. Course materials and activities can be prepared in advance, therefore online learning can provide continuity of education for students during strike periods whether they attend a school or not.

The nature of the material can vary considerably, from multimedia presentations of new content to reviews of recently learned subjects. The important part is that studies continue throughout the disruption to keep students engaged with learning.

Keeping students engaged

Without the structure of lessons, especially for younger students, there may be behavioural issues. With parents busy with work, children can end up doing things they should not do during their time away from school.

Online learning restores structure but importantly keeps the student engaged and busy with a specific activity. This can be incredibly helpful for parents in terms of supervision, even for those working from home themselves.

Covering new topics in interesting ways

One thing that online learning does perhaps better than any other approach is to provide a broad range of ways of giving information to students. From multimedia presentations to interactive games, reading, video and more, online learning can incorporate one, two or all of these things if needed.

This gives students something different, it challenges their ideas about learning and gives them new ways to acquire knowledge. This is useful during a strike as it keeps the student engaged with their learning, but it benefits them throughout their education journey too. Online learning can inspire students by presenting these alternative ways of learning. Subjects or concepts that they have been struggling with can suddenly become clear using a different approach, and this can be a benefit of those online learning solutions.

Supporting student’s education

While strikes are a likely outcome of the impasse between teachers and employers, it doesn’t have to mean disruption to education. Online learning does not replace teachers of course, but by providing the structure and educational content outside of the classroom, online lessons maintain the routine of education that is so important.

With a varied approach and engaging material, they keep students occupied and can inspire learning by allowing a level of autonomy for each student, letting them find the path that suits them best. Online learning can be incredibly useful during teacher strikes, be sure to make the most of it.

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