5 potential career paths for…maths students

Numbers, equations, facts and figures. For many of us a maths-focused career where every day is filled with number-crunching would be far from a welcome prospect.

However, for maths students and for those who are naturally skilled with numbers, the following five career paths can offer rewarding opportunities with excellent career prospects.

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How to make maths more fun

Maths + Fun = An impossible equation? Not necessarily.

Whether you’re a teacher or parent, attempting to engage an unwilling child in maths can sometimes be difficult.

Here are some simple and effective ways to make mathematics fun (for motivated kids and learning that sticks).

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Ways to Raise Engagement in Maths

Raising engagement in maths – and in turn attainment – is a major focus of every school curriculum policy. Looking at ways to motivate and enthuse pupils in a subject where some have always struggled isn’t easy.

However, there are ways to stop the jumble of figures being seemingly meaningless both on the page and in real life and to illustrate ways to put together the parts of the jigsaw which makes up the whole subject.

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The future of maths in schools – are computers the way forward?

The traditionally taught methods of maths are being challenged by those who feel that the future of the subject should be less about the mechanics of maths and more about the concept of the subject and the practical uses. There are calls for maths to become more about everyday use than currently taught and less and less about the theory behind how the maths works.

In essence, the thoughts are that learning about what algebra is should be replaced completely in the future with how it’s used in everyday scenarios.

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The problem with maths

I don’t think anybody would be surprised by the notion that maths is often considered unpopular. Indeed one of the biggest barriers to engagement with maths seems to be the reputation it has in society.

In his book, Rethinking School Mathematics, Andrew Noyes identifies the social barriers pupils experience in regards to maths, and the fact that textbooks’ attempts to connect maths problems to real life situations often fail as “there is a real difference between what many teachers and textbooks perceive to be real-life mathematics and what people experience in their lives”.

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