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Advice for parents has been issued today from the NAHT and the charity Family Action through their joint campaign Ready to Learn Every Day. The information leaflet will be distributed through the NAHT members’ schools and is thought to reach “85 per cent of primary schools and almost half of secondaries” (The Telegraph, Feb 2014).

The leaflet is designed to advise parents about creating learning experiences for their children with activities such as visiting museums, walking through the woods and planting seeds. Suggestions for supporting school work includes encouraging greater communication between parents and school staff, providing ongoing support for completing homework and helping, where possible, on school trips.

The information guide is “aimed at promoting the vital role of parents in their children’s learning, as well as supporting teachers in their relationships with pupils and their families. Parental engagement is especially important for children from disadvantaged families, who include those supported by many of Family Action’s services” (NAHT, Feb 2014).

The Telegraph also reports that “It follows the publication of research earlier this month that found many primary schools are being forced to deal with children who are unprepared for education, including those who have not been properly toilet trained”.

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