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Students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can face several challenges in the traditional classroom setting. These challenges can include difficulty paying attention, following instructions, and understanding complex concepts.

However, when appropriate measures are implemented, online learning can provide several benefits for SEND students. Their core subject knowledge can be enhanced when their specific needs are accommodated.

Support with English

English requires an adaptive and dynamic learning style and online education can provide a sense of flexibility to SEND students. Students can work at their own pace and in a quiet environment that is free from distractions.

SEND students can also remain engaged when they learn online as they can constantly refine their writing skills with less fear of getting things wrong or peer pressure.

Support with Maths

SEND students may require a particular level of pathway to suit their ability in maths. They can be assigned lessons that they will be able to understand and could even get assistance. Online learning can allow students to get the individualised attention they need from their teachers. Teachers can provide regular feedback and support to help students stay on track.

Continuous assessment through online learning can also be very beneficial. Students can keep practising methods around a certain equation or formulae and develop their knowledge visually.

Support with Science

SEND students can benefit from learning science online due to visual lessons with them being in an orderly, calm and safe environment they feel comfortable in. Online learning can also offer a variety of visual resources, such as videos, animations, and interactive activities in science. The interactive and visual stimulants can also encourage SEND students to remain engaged as they become fixated with what is being displayed on the screen.

Overall, online learning can be a valuable way for SEND students to succeed in English, maths and science. By offering a more relaxed and comfortable learning environment, more flexibility, and more individualised support, online learning can help students reach their full potential.

Use an effective online system that supports SEND needs

EDClass is an online alternative provision that can accommodate all learning styles and SEND students. The platform is interactive and can even be altered to change the font style, slide colour and much more.

All students are fully safeguarded when they use the platform and any incident is dealt with as a matter of urgency. SEND students also have access to one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers.

SEND students can take advantage of the continuous assessment that is also integrated within the system and a massive focus on personal development is provided.

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