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The plan to get children caught up quickly following school closures this Spring is now underway – and tailored learning should be at it’s heart.

The Government announced a £1 billion fund in June to catch up pupils who could have fallen up to 12 months behind.

By producing a tailored learning platform you can improve engagement and results for your students. Apply this across a cohort and you achieve results for all. But what is tailored learning and how can it improve outcomes for students? This blog post explains.

What is tailored learning?

Using the exact same learning process as everyone else is a flawed process – it doesn’t allow students to improve on their own strengths and eradicate their own weaknesses and it may not be to a teaching style which enables them to learn the most.

For the benefit of your own learning a tailored process is the way to go. Here are the benefits:

Benefits of tailored learning

Benefit 1: Engagement

A tailored learning pathway means every piece of learning is suitable for the learner. If every element of learning feels relevant to them it gives a higher level of engagement from the learner. The result of greater engagement through tailored learning can result in greater motivation to undertaken further learning as well as better performance and ability.

Benefit 2: Feedback

With a tailored learning pathway means learners can receive personalised feedbacks to improve their learning. This system means they can learn from mistakes and work out where their learning can be improved. By focusing on training relevant to them it can make learning more enjoyable.

Benefit 3: Efficiency

Personalised learning is more efficient as it means learners do not have to undertake training which is not relevant to them.  A focus on engaging content means learners are focused on understanding and waste less valuable time.

Benefit 4: Strengths and Weaknesses

Learners can identify their own strengths and weaknesses. A full learning assessment can be completed to identify these. A personalised learning platform means learners can then build on their strengths and eradicate any weaknesses – improving their knowledge in key areas and meeting learning targets. 

Benefit 5: Scheduling

It also provides time benefits. Learning can be customised around a lifestyle – or school day structure. A tailored learning pathway eases pressure on learning, improving achievement and gaining better results.

Why target cohorts with tailored learning

The concept can be applied across a specific cohort – whether a year group, a class or an isolation unit – to improve outcomes for all.

Tailored learning means education is fully inclusive, allowing all learners to be included no matter what their needs.

The creation of this platform enables students to learn and succeed whilst defusing any situation or problems which may occur.

EDClass’ tailor made learning pathways provide students with the best learning opportunities via a virtual learning environment. A range of safeguarding tools mean educators have the best opportunity to provide targeted lessons while monitoring behaviour and safety. 

Online lessons can be streamed for teaching viewing and also recorded and backed up to ensure all-round safeguarding.

The pre-assessment, assessment and feedback services mean students can progress and understand exact what is being taught. Students also receive live and online support from teachers in any of the qualification subjects.

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