We’re becoming EDClass

This month you will notice some changes to the communication you receive from us: as our alternative provision business will become EDClass.

In this blog post we’ll explain what this means and what EDLounge will become.

To find out more about what the decision to move from EDLounge to EDClass means for you, call 01909 568338.

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Curiouser and Curiouser (Some thoughts from an English teacher…)

In the short space of a phone call with my brother last night, three more emails landed, subject: ‘Update from GOV.UK – Covid-19’. Each one means more legislation. More rules. Each one makes you think what else can’t we do? Is there much left we can do?

And yet, curiously, there’s also the sense that the ‘rules’ that keep us sane and grounded are ‘out of the window’ – as was I, at eight o’clock last night, for example. We do things we didn’t do before, and can’t do things we took for granted before. The old order of things is becoming obsolete as we adapt to new behaviours, and the burning questions are ‘When will we return to normal?’ and ‘What will the new normal be like?’. 

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Balancing work and home when you work from home

We knew it was coming. It had been weeks in the planning. Sam has spent last weekend creating various Skype groups (including one for “General Chit Chat and Duxebox”) to ensure all eventualities were covered. On Monday, we had an all-staff meeting to discuss how it was going to work. From Tuesday we would be working from home.

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BETT Show Review 2020

Thank you for visiting us at the BETT Show 2020, the largest education show in the UK with 34,000 attendees. The EDLounge Ltd and EDArcade Ltd stands were extremely busy throughout the four days, with hundreds of people grasping the opportunity to see the products first-hand. 

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EDLounge Case Study

The Rodillian Academy and EDLounge came together in September 2013 to look at how we could improve our existing online provision. This needed to meet national guidance on the use of alternative provision and, more importantly, provide high quality, appropriate work for students who were not accessing mainstream education for a fixed period of time.

We have developed a unique package to support students who are out of mainstream education, providing them with appropriate, accessible work that is accessed through a secure online platform.

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