Success of online AP with Rodillian Academy

Reading time: 4 minutes

Implementing a successful online alternative provision can be achieved if due diligence checks are completed by a school to ensure the provision provides high-quality education.

EDClass had the privilege of speaking to the head of year 7, David Paul from Rodillian Academy, to discuss how they have successfully implemented the EDClass platform. David also highlighted key areas and challenges that are currently present in the education sector that need addressing.

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We’re becoming EDClass

Reading time: 2 minutes

This month you will notice some changes to the communication you receive from us: as our alternative provision business will become EDClass.

In this blog post we’ll explain what this means and what EDLounge will become.

To find out more about what the decision to move from EDLounge to EDClass means for you, call 01909 568338.

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Game-based learning

Reading time: 3 minutes

How can the use of digital games in the classroom support children and young people’s learning?

As increasing numbers of 8-18-year-olds participate in gaming, so has interest in the identification and harnessing of its potential to support learning in schools. EDLounge takes a look at the key findings.

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Rewards and sanctions – what works?

Reading time: 3 minutes

In the November issue of ED Journal, we discussed strategies to manage low level behaviour issues in the classroom. Balancing positive and negative was one of the key points mentioned, so in this issue we are going to look at how schools run rewards and sanctions and more importantly, discuss what actually works and what pupils perceive to be effective rewards and sanctions.

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