Subcontracting consultation: ESFA proposal to limit long-distance subcontractors

Reading time: 3 minutes

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has launched a subcontracting consultation, with plans to cap business spending and ensure only local or digital consultants are used by contractors.

The ESFA has issued ten recommendations on changes to subcontracting rules – with the aims of reducing costs and eliminating poor arrangements. If you are a provider or subcontractor, please read the information below.

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5 potential career paths for…music students

Reading time: 3 minutes

Although music lessons are under pressure because of budget restrictions in schools, there is a wide range of career opportunities for musically gifted students who choose this career path.

A knowledge of music – both theoretical and practical – can open doors into teaching, music production, broadcasting, sound engineering, songwriting and even therapy.

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5 potential career paths for…classics students

Reading time: 4 minutes

Latin, Classical Greek, ancient history, philosophy – these are a few of the subjects that fall under the category of ‘classics’.

Some wrongfully believe classics subjects to be so firmly rooted in the past, that they equip students with few skills for the modern world.

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