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Supporting students to achieve the best possible outcomes in education can present difficulties. However, we must consider a child’s thoughts, and feelings and provide positive behaviour reinforcement whilst celebrating their successes to instil confidence and self-esteem.

In line with the SEND & AP improvement plan, we need to ensure we:

“fulfil children’s potential: children and young people with SEND (or attending alternative provision) enjoy their childhood, achieve good outcomes and are well prepared for adulthood and employment”

By celebrating successes, we can prepare children better for adulthood so they can be respectful members of society and do the best they can. Let’s take a look at five reasons why celebrating students’ success is so important.

1. Boosts motivation

Students love recognition, just like us all. When we highlight the positive work they are doing, it can generate a newfound sense of motivation and willingness to achieve the best they can. As a result, children will find it easier to engage with their learning and be more inclined to strive towards optimal work efficiency.

2. Builds confidence

A lack of self-esteem can be reinvigorated when a child has positive reinforcement towards them. Constant approval can provide children with confidence in their abilities and highlight to them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Those children with mental health or behavioural challenges may experience poor confidence and exhibit this behaviour because they need support. Celebrate their successes so they can realise their potential.

3. Creates a positive learning environment

Learning environments should be engaging and relaxed to achieve potential. As Ofsted’s school inspection handbook outlines:

“The behaviour and attitudes judgement considers how leaders and other staff create a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment in the school and the impact this has on the behaviour and attitudes of pupils.”

When we celebrate every child’s success the whole cohort will be excited to attend your lesson and engage with learning. This can also create a sense of community and belonging amongst peers simultaneously improving social interaction.

4. Builds bridges between students, teachers and parents

Meaningful relationships can be formed when students’ successes are celebrated. Not only can this build a bond between teacher and student, but parents’ confidence can also be raised that their child is receiving the best possible education. This keeps in line with the SEND & AP improvement plan whilst reinforcing the importance of education.

5. Presents new opportunities

Students can feel confident that they can approach their teacher with any thoughts or concerns they may be having with their learning. This is because respect is formed when successes are celebrated and new strategies to reach potential can be generated.

Use online alternative provision to celebrate successes

EDClass’s online alternative provision prioritises the personal and academic development of children so they can reach their educational potential. Teachers can focus on other students in their cohort by placing pupils on an online alternative provision to alleviate added pressure.

One-to-one support is provided by qualified teachers who actively engage with children learning online. As designated pastoral professionals, teachers ask about students’ likes and interests whilst providing constant reassurance and celebrating successes.

If you would like to learn more about EDClass and how it can be implemented within your school or trust, call 01909 568338, send an email to or enquire for more information here.

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