Integrating an effective alternative provision

Reading time: 4 minutes

Students with specific needs and requirements might find online alternative provision to be extremely effective and can be highly beneficial for a school also. It is always good to keep government guidance in mind in identifying the right solution, but children’s safety should always be paramount. EDClass interviewed Mark Wrangles and here is what he had to say regarding integrating an effective alternative provision. 

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How local authorities can use online intervention for students

Reading time: 3 minutes

Online interventions have great potential to assist students who need specific support. Students may struggle to attend a mainstream setting for a variety of reasons, it is important to provide the right support for these students so they can thrive in an environment they feel comfortable with.

Local authorities can provide suitable settings for students as they have the opportunity to provide inclusive educational settings. It is important to consider how valuable online interventions can be for students with specific needs and how they can support schools. 

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How impactful an online alternative provision can be for local authorities

Reading time: 5 minutes

Local authorities play an important role in supplying effective education for children, but the right support must be supplied, at the right place, and at the right time. EDClass spoke to Councillor Maroof Raouf, Deputy Chair of the Education, Children and Families Policy Committee at Sheffield City Council and he stated:

“A blended learning approach is something we aware of and we are looking at the growing options available to schools. It’s just ensuring that students are being put in an environment that is conducive to learning.”

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3 Tips when supporting transgender students in school

Reading time: 3 minutes

In 2023, more young people are exploring their sexual identity than ever before. In this blog, we explore three ways in which school staff can best support transgender students and create an environment in which they feel safe, and respected and will thrive both personally and academically.

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