It’s National Skills Day

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Today is National Skills Day (#NationalSkillsDay) – an important day for building confidence and connections.

At EDClass our motto is ‘education for all’, because we believe that everyone has a skill they can showcase.

 The event is part of National Careers Week. How are you planning to use and develop your skills today? Let us know in the comments below.

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Assessing and tracking students accurately and continuously

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Tracking students is essential, especially in modern times where students are behind and the race to catch up is on.

By tracking students accurately and monitor your school can:

  • Find precisely where individual students are in their learning against a set of learning intentions and success criteria
  • Help students know what their next steps in learning are, which facilitates significant increases in their students’ achievements

Parental and pupil engagement are boosted by confidently and accurately reporting performance feedback to them. But why is it critical at the present moment in time to track and assess students accurately and continuously? This blog post explains.

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How to plan a creative curriculum for your pupils

Reading time: 3 minutes

By installing a creative curriculum in your school you can get the most out of the imaginative minds of your pupils.

It may be defined by topics or themes, or greater involvement of pupils in deciding what they are going to learn.

These are the benefits of a creative curriculum and the steps you can take to build one.

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Students in inclusion units: are you getting the most out of them?

Reading time: 3 minutes

Are you getting the most out of students in inclusion units?

According to the Department for Education, over half of secondary schools use internal inclusion units.

An inclusion unit is a specific resource which ensures parity of opportunity for all by allowing teachers to teach, students to learn, and those learning with additional needs to be supported. According to the Welsh Government it should not be used as a sin bin, dumping ground or holding cell.

Inclusion units provide schools with an opportunity to address pupils’ individual needs. But are they effective in doing so? This blog post explains.

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Behaviour lessons: top tips for improving behaviour

Reading time: 5 minutes

Managing behaviour is a challenge faced by teachers young and old. You are unlikely to hear of a teacher who believes they have complete control of the classroom at all times. But this is where behaviour lessons can help.

Teachers spend a large amount of their time managing behaviour. The end of the academic year is a time where school staff can reflect on the year that has passed and what the new one will bring.

The end of the year is time for reflection on behaviour management techniques as well as the overall quality of lessons. But how can behaviour lessons contribute to improved behaviour? This blog post explains.

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Target cohorts with tailored learning

Reading time: 2 minutes

The plan to get children caught up quickly following school closures this Spring is now underway – and tailored learning should be at it’s heart.

The Government announced a £1 billion fund in June to catch up pupils who could have fallen up to 12 months behind.

By producing a tailored learning platform you can improve engagement and results for your students. Apply this across a cohort and you achieve results for all. But what is tailored learning and how can it improve outcomes for students?

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Blended learning could become the new normal

Reading time: 2 minutes

Blended learning is set to become the new normal for education in the UK, according to the leader of teachers’ union.

It is expected that pupils will have to take it in turn using classrooms. In schools, pupils will have to be situated two metres apart. Those outside school will all be expected to participated in remote learning.

But what would blended learning entail and could it become a permanent fixture in education?

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Why you should choose EDLounge for tracking and safeguarding

Reading time: 3 minutes

By using EDLounge you have access to a comprehensive school improvement platform and learning environment. But there are two things that above others makes EDLounge stand out: tracking and safeguarding.

Ultimately, our system is designed in order to help you to streamline practices, raise standards and increase whole school outcomes.

EDLounge’s advanced tracking system means pupil performance can be monitored closely to improve student outcomes. But how does it work? And how is tracking balanced with safeguarding to help student’s best interests are achieved?

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