How to overcome teacher strikes

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Teachers are at the centre of a school and immensely contribute to a student’s life. However, they are often neglected. Teacher strikes have been an ongoing phenomenon over the world for years. Education workers have rebelled countless times since time immemorial due to various reasons. The grievance of education workers over their pay is primarily the cause of their ongoing strikes.

However, the problem of the teachers is not limited to economic reasons. It concerns several other factors, such as their demanding smaller class sizes and more school staffing. Hence, the effect of strikes in schools can be felt in the decreasing quality of education and services. These teacher strikes require resolution for the schools to function normally.

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Why Early Intervention is Necessary in Schools

Reading time: 4 minutes

The recent SEND review has highlighted how intervention within schools needs addressing. Can primary schools and parental involvement help support early intervention? 

The government has announced an additional £1 billion of investment in 2022-23, but the review has stated:

“Whilst future funding will need to take account of the increasing prevalence of children and young people with the most complex needs, this needs to be balanced with targeting spending more at strengthening early intervention.”

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Teacher quitting increase – what can be done?

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The rate of teachers quitting within the first five years of starting has seen an increase. Why is this the case and can EdTech support them in the future?

According to research:

“Seven in 10 teachers considered leaving their job in the last 12 months.”

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Big class sizes – can EdTech help?

Reading time: 3 minutes

Recent increases in class sizes have contributed to complications for students’ academic progression. What can be done to help both students and teachers, and can EdTech assist?

A recent article by The Guardian highlighted 9 in 10 teachers said that “bigger classes were harming pupils’ progress”. According to a poll of more than 3,000 teachers by the NASUWT teachers’ union:

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Why teachers need support in school

Reading time: 3 minutes

Teachers across the UK have had to manage to deal with educating their students alongside the added pressure of the pandemic. Something needs to be done, so what can be done to support teachers and students?

According to an NASUWT survey of 4,000 UK members:

“nine out of 10 (91%) have seen an increase in workload in the last year – 61% said it had increased significantly – with full-time teachers working 57 hours a week in a typical midterm week.”

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