5 potential career paths for…music students

Although music lessons are under pressure because of budget restrictions in schools, there is a wide range of career opportunities for musically gifted students who choose this career path.

A knowledge of music – both theoretical and practical – can open doors into teaching, music production, broadcasting, sound engineering, songwriting and even therapy.

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Seven steps to coping with stress

It’s no secret that students of UK schools, colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever before. The educational industry now must report back on how students are progressing at every level – and you likely feel as though you’ve never faced more exams, tests and assessments.

Against this backdrop of continual pressure, is the rise and rise of social media – with young lives now lived out on online platforms it seems there’s nowhere to hide from the burden to achieve.

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Teaching arts and culture

The importance of teaching arts and their related subjects has always been a much discussed area. Those who work in the arts feel that it’s a way to emphasise and develop the individual mind of each student.

They also feel that it’s not just about creating children or young adults to be artists but it’s a broader goal to look towards.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

For some parents – and students – the role and importance of the offering of extra-curricular activities can be difficult to fully convince that they should be taken full use of to enhance the overall learning experience.

The issue of not embracing the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities usually stems from the perception that they are a distraction to the pupil from their academic studies.

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