3 ways to positively reintegrate students back into school

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Reintegrating students who have been out of circulation for a lengthy or even a short period can often be challenging. Below we suggest 3 ways in which pupils can positively be re-integrated back into the school environment.

1. Make FULL use of your school’s reward system.

Having completed a significant piece of pupil voice research recently, it became apparent that recognition of positive behaviour (No matter what the age of the pupil) was always well received.

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Importance of positively reintegrating students back into school

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Whether returning to early childhood programs or school for the first time or beginning them for the first time at all may provide additional hurdles for students, especially during times of increased stress. Adults and children feel greater anxiety because of the risk to their lives. This is an experience of communal trauma on a scale that has never been seen before. Children have simultaneously seen a rise in the stress levels of adults and the community as they have lost their routines, structures, and social networks. During this lockdown period, families have lived through various experiences. While some of these experiences may have been relatively positive, others may have experienced bereavement, ill health, elevated stress and anxiety, increased mental health difficulties, domestic abuse, or other forms of abuse.

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