How remote teaching can be safeguarded effectively

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Remote teaching has emerged to be an incredible resource for students across the UK, especially those who cannot access mainstream education. However, these students must be safeguarded to the highest degree.

With recent surges in the number of teachers being banned, it is now vital that the benefits of EdTech are integrated with sophisticated safeguarding measures to ensure a student’s safety.
According to a recent iNews article, there has now been a “five-year high” in the number of teachers being banned concerning sexual misconduct allegations. The article states:

“In total, 108 teachers across England were handed lifetime bans from the profession last year – the highest number in five years.”

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Monitoring Students that are School Refusers

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School refusal can manifest in many forms, and for many different reasons. It is usually expressed as severe emotional distress at the prospect of attending school, caused by a number of different issues or conditions. It may be a short-term issue caused by a specific incident, or it could be a long-term problem that occurs continually or intermittently.

From incidents of bullying or other social problems to anxiety, school phobia, issues with separation from parents, unidentified special education or mental health needs and more, no case of school refusal is the same, there are endless reasons behind the problem, and identifying those is crucial in developing an appropriate response early on.

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Alternative provisions – how to make them positive

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Alternative provisions are highly important within the education system. What should APs now look like and what should be implemented?

An alternative provision effectively provides students education who cannot make it into mainstream education for whatever reason. APs can be situated in a variety of locations and can also be online. According to statistics:

“It is estimated that there are at least 32,083 pupils educated across at least 761 alternative provision settings in England.”

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Safeguarding standards need improving

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Safeguarding procedures now must be scrutinised following several high-profile incidents. On Childhood Day, it is vital to highlight such an important issue and open a conversation discussing how the situation can improve.

There has been a significant increase in the number of incidents over the past year. A study from Tes found:

“There was a 77% increase in the number of safeguarding incidents in schools within the past 12 months.”

Why has there been an increase in the number of incidents? Have you seen an increase in the number of safeguarding incidents within your establishment?

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