How exercise can affect a student’s academic performance

You’re undoubtedly aware that exercise can have huge impacts on our general health, but what you may not realise is that physical activity can have a dramatic impact on the academic performance of students.

There is a whole host of research that shows that students who participate in an adequate amount of physical activity during the school day, perform significantly better than those who do not, with the bonus that obesity-related issues are also less likely to take root.

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Does collegiate sport work?

Collegiate sport is a huge part of university life, bringing together the practice of competition, teamwork, sportsmanship and even social skills. However, does collegiate sport work?

Despite the fact that collegiate sports programs are more popular in the United States than ever, some people believe that they are detrimental to university institutions, due to the costs associated with their operation. So, what is the truth?

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Alternative Sports for Less Athletic Students

Many students will let out a chorus of groaning when you tell them that PE is the next lesson on the timetable. Most of them do not look forward to it, and quite a few are not particularly athletic.

For these students, PE is not a fun time, however, there are ways that you can get these students more engaged and enjoying PE, and that’s with some sports that might seem a little unconventional when compared to the traditional ones.

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