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It’s National Skills Day

Today is National Skills Day (#NationalSkillsDay) – an important day for building confidence and connections.

At EDClass our motto is ‘education for all’, because we believe that everyone has a skill they can showcase.

 The event is part of National Careers Week. How are you planning to use and develop your skills today? Let us know in the comments below.

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Why are functional skills important?

Functional skills are important because they provide the skills, knowledge and understanding for young people and adults to progress in work, education and life.

It relates to transferring to learner’s ability to solve problems to real-life contexts. Functional skills are the fundamental English, Maths and ICT skills to aid their working and personal lives. People can study for these qualifications in practical ways. 

This blog post explains what functional skills are and why they are important.

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How adult learning helps students achieve their potential

Adult learning refers to education, courses and training that is designed for adults. It can also be defined as the provision of instructed learning events for adults who usually act or who have acted in working life.

Adult education may be arranged with specific individuals in mind. Alternatively, it may be sourced by the adult directly.

This blog post explains the benefits of adult learning and how it can help students achieve their potential.

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Safeguarding apprentices – what are my obligations?

According to Apprenticeship statistics for England, in the 2017/18 academic year, 814,800 young people joined an apprenticeship scheme, nearly a quarter of whom were under 19. Any organisation educating young people under the age of 18 has statutory responsibilities under current legislation such as ‘Keeping Children in Education’ KCSIE. Your safeguarding responsibilities are no different than that of a school.

Due to their relative inexperience in the workplace apprentices may be particularly vulnerable to anxiety or struggle to cope with the transition. Systems can help staff recognise this and offer suitable support to those who need it. Organisations offering any kind of apprenticeship or traineeship to young people need to put processes in place to protect their learners.

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The debate: when will schools reopen?

When will schools reopen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Schools have now been closed for two full weeks. However there hasn’t been a Government-led approach to education in the interim, with schools largely being left to their own devices to allocate teaching methods.

It has led to some parents struggling to fill the day for their child while others have trouble balancing their own homeworking. 

In stems the questions, how long will this period last for and what can be done to help?

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Night school proposal: achieve your potential through online learning

Part time learning was once accessed by tens of thousands of adults through night schools – but due to funding cuts, many institutions have had to close. Following Baroness Alison Wolf’s appointment as skills policy adviser to the prime minister, they could be set for a revival.  

Flexible learning is an essential option in education with a large number of people hoping to improve job and career prospects through further training. However, night school cutbacks have also coincided with an increase in online learning.

What are the benefits of night schools and online learning? And why are night schools set to be revived? This blog post explains.

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Subcontracting consultation: ESFA proposal to limit long-distance subcontractors

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has launched a subcontracting consultation, with plans to cap business spending and ensure only local or digital consultants are used by contractors.

The ESFA has issued ten recommendations on changes to subcontracting rules – with the aims of reducing costs and eliminating poor arrangements. If you are a provider or subcontractor, please read the information below.

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