5 potential career paths for…art and design students

The art and design industry is incredibly diverse, yet no matter the specific niche one thing is universal – entrants to this industry must work their way up.

Even where further education has been followed, junior posts are the generic starting point to prove your mettle and demonstrate creative flair and imagination.

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Why your school needs a craft club

Crafting has all kinds of mental and educational benefits. So if you want to improve your students’ behaviour, wellbeing and more, it’s time to start a craft club.

You can hardly have missed the rise in popularity of traditional activities – we have the Great British Sewing Bee, Channel 4 paying millions to take over the broadcasting of a baking show, and you probably know at least one person who knits or crochets. Crafting is big news.

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How much freedom do students really have over their subject choices?

As you progress throughout high school, you learn more and more about the type of person you are going to grow up to be.

You will discover new things, hidden talents and hopefully realise what you want to do with your life, or at least, what direction you want it to go in. This is why schools let students choose which subjects they want to take…to an extent.

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Teaching arts and culture

The importance of teaching arts and their related subjects has always been a much discussed area. Those who work in the arts feel that it’s a way to emphasise and develop the individual mind of each student.

They also feel that it’s not just about creating children or young adults to be artists but it’s a broader goal to look towards.

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