Identifying and understanding cyber bullying

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It’s a sad fact that bullying has always been a part of school life. Schools work hard to identify and address the issue in partnership with parents and organisations which specialise in eradicating bullying, but the magic bullet of how to make bullying disappear is yet to be found.

The way bullying takes place has also changed. Whilst it still happens in physical confrontations, there’s now the growing issue of cyber bullying through online and mobile phone interaction.

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5 Simple Strategies…to Reduce Cyber Bullying in the Classroom

Reading time: 2 minutes

Cyber bullying is a very real part of school life and sadly one that is on the rise.

With growing numbers reporting that they have been subjected to some kind of pain through the actions of a cyber bully, often with the added stress that they have no idea of who is carrying out the harassment due to the ease of remaining anonymous when making threats or defamatory comments, the school has a pivotal role to play in reducing this terrible form of treatment towards peers.

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Technology in Education: Mobile Learning

Reading time: 3 minutes

Mobile technologies are putting a wealth of resources into the hands of pupils and making learning on the move a feasible proposition. Whilst some educators regard mobile learning (also called m-learning) as a way to engage with hard-to-reach pupils, others also relish the chance the technology provides to explore new ways of learning, regardless of students’ abilities and attitudes.

In essence, mobile learning means the use of mobile devices to enable learning any time and anywhere. Mobile devices include tablets, smart-phones, games consoles and media players.

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Interview with Kidscape – Tackling Bullying

Reading time: 5 minutes

The Kidscape charity works with children and young people under the age of 16, along with their parents/carers and those that work with young people, such as teachers, to prevent bullying. The website provides a range of information, resources and training to protect vulnerable pupils and reduce bullying.

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Safer Internet Day 2014

Reading time: 4 minutes

Safer Internet Day 2014 is the perfect time to plan your approach to making the internet a safer place for your pupils. Adults and young people alike are exposed to countless threats on a daily basis whilst surfing the net. By identifying these threats and devising methods to combat them, we can start making the internet safer for young people.

Safer Internet Day is a great initiative for raising the awareness necessary to protect young people from the dangers encountered online. The day serves to “promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.” (Insafe, 2014).

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