Why early intervention leads to better results

Reading time: 3 minutes

Students can experience many challenges throughout their school life, but an early intervention could help them. Finding the right solution for them is imperative so they can work in an environment that is most suited to their needs.

The 2022 SEND Review, Right Support, Right Place, Right Time highlighted how there has been:

“A vicious cycle of late intervention, low confidence and inefficient resource allocation”

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Why Early Intervention is Necessary in Schools

Reading time: 4 minutes

The recent SEND review has highlighted how intervention within schools needs addressing. Can primary schools and parental involvement help support early intervention? 

The government has announced an additional £1 billion of investment in 2022-23, but the review has stated:

“Whilst future funding will need to take account of the increasing prevalence of children and young people with the most complex needs, this needs to be balanced with targeting spending more at strengthening early intervention.”

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