5 Simple strategies

5 simple strategies…to teach children how to spot fake news

Fake news is everywhere and, if adults are susceptible, children are even more vulnerable to being hoodwinked by it.

A report delivered by the Commission on Fake News and the Teaching of Critical Literacy Skills found that half of children are worried about being unable to spot fake news while only 2% of them have the critical literacy skills to assess whether a story is fake or not.

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5 simple strategies…to prepare students for exams

Exam season is difficult for everyone, and many students will find themselves feeling stressed as well as overwhelmed.

It can be hard to prepare them for the upcoming tests, but you can at least try to make it easier on them. Here are five simple strategies that you can use to help prepare students for exams.

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5 simple strategies…to help you negotiate better contracts with your suppliers

In the current fiscal and political climate, school leaders must prepare themselves for budget freezes that represent a very real fall in funding. 

With ever tighter budgets comes the need to conjure up some savings – which is where successful contract negotiations with your suppliers can help you manage budgetary restrictions.

Here are our five suggestions for cutting your costs, not your cloth.

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5 simple strategies…for communicating effectively in the classroom

Communicating effectively is an essential skill for teachers and a cornerstone of any classroom.

Clear and concise communication is even more important in the modern school system as classes may be larger than in previous years, and ESOL and SEND students in mainstream education must be given every chance of keeping pace with their peers.

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