Poor student attendance

More than 100,000 students were absent from school in Scotland on one day at the end of August, according to Government figures (12%).

Health anxieties amongst parents and pupils means that many pupils are reluctant to return to the classroom.

The Government has said that it will fine families who do not attend. But how will this work and do you have a contingency plan in place? This blog post tells you all you need to know.

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Behaviour management: the art of using a behaviour tracker

“Behaviour management is a subject that causes a lot of heat, and sometimes a lot less light”. That is the view of Ofsted’s Amanda Spielman, who made improving behaviour in schools one of her greatest priorities when she took over in office.

Monitoring behaviour can be the first step to eradicating bad behaviour from your classroom. Providing pupils with feedback backed up with results you can evidence is more likely to trigger a reaction from your students.

This is where a behaviour tracker comes in. But what is one and how can it help in your school? This blog post explains.

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Raising standards of behaviour: an EDClass guide

Raising standards of behaviour remains a significant challenge for many schools.

Many actions can be taken in order for schools to improve. No matter how skilled the teacher, intervention at a policy level from a senior leader can have far greater an impact than a classroom teacher can.

How can your school create a culture to raise standards of behaviour? This blog post explains.

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Fixed term excluded: what does the law say?

When can fixed term exclusion occur? What are school obligations? What are pupils right to appeal? All is explained in our latest blog post.

A fixed term exclusion is an exclusion for a specific amount of time.

A pupil may be excluded for a period of up to 45 days in a single academic year. Longer than this it is likely to become a permanent exclusion however exceptional circumstances may be permitted.

This blog post explains all you need to know about fixed term exclusions.

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Racist bullying in England hits record high

Racist bullying is endemic in our schools in the UK, according to a report on racism in schools released this week.

Analysis of Government figures by campaigners Hope Not Hate – and published in the London Evening Standard – found that English schools suspended or permanently excluded students 4,904 times for racist abuse in 2018-19.

It marks a 13% increase from 4,329 which was record in 2017-18 – and it is the highest number since records began in 2006.

Why is racist bullying so high and what can be done about it? This blog post explains.

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Behavioural repair – a quick guide

There is a wide range of research on the ramifications of poor pupil behaviour and behavioural repair.

Though there may be a common perception that the younger generation is “worse than their predecessors“, due to behaviour repair the opposite is true.

When surveyed, 70-76% of teachers say that behaviour is good or better in their school. How is behavioural repair contributing to this and what can you do to ensure behaviour support in your classroom? Read this quick guide.

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Should Students Be Allowed to Go On Holiday During Term Time?

In May 2016, the High Court deemed that it was acceptable and within the law for parents to take their children on holiday during term time – a move that was stated as a victory for those with common sense among supporters.

Despite this ruling, the topic has still been one of controversy among parents and teachers alike, raising debate and question about the quality of education a child on holiday during term time can receive.

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