One-to-one support to small classroom delivery

Reading time: 3 minutes

One-to-one support to small classroom delivery to support your students who need to catch up the most.

The new school year is back underway, with a strong focus on student catch-up and teaching specific smaller groups (“bubbles”) in order maintain social distancing.

This presents an opportunity to teach young people a more learning tailored to their needs. This blog post explains how this can be done.

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Catch-up for low-level numeracy and literacy

Reading time: 2 minutes

Catch-up learning is the order of the day – with students three months behind on learning, and some students have fallen up to 12 months behind where they should be.

Literacy and numeracy are essential skills for everyday life in adulthood – this means it is critical that these skills are taught as a matter of urgency.

But how can catch-up learning be supported in core subjects? This blog post explains.

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Class and Year bubbles

Reading time: 2 minutes

Class and year bubbles are the new norm for schools this autumn.

Unlike the general public who are limited to 6 people, schools can have larger groups though are expected to keep these to a minimum.

This blog post provides top tips for doing this along with the latest bubble guidance.

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Catch up delivery and sessions for missed learning

Reading time: 2 minutes

Catch up delivery is essential for your students, with teachers estimating that students are on average three months behind in their learning.

The findings by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and the Nuffield Foundation has said that almost all teachers surveyed believe children are further behind where they expect them to be in their learning.

Teachers estimate that nearly half of all children (44%) will need intensive catch-up support, particularly children in the most deprive areas and from BAME backgrounds.

What should your plan be for catch up delivery? This blog post explains.

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Williamson determined 2021 exams will go ahead

Reading time: 4 minutes

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has said he is “deeply sorry” to school pupils who had grades downgraded as a result of this summer’s exam algorithm and has said he is “determined” exams will go ahead in 2021.

The Education Secretary was speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday – his first appearance in Parliament since the decision was made to award pupils with their predicted grades for this summer’s exams.

Find out what he had to say by reading the blog post below.

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How to plan a creative curriculum for your pupils

Reading time: 3 minutes

By installing a creative curriculum in your school you can get the most out of the imaginative minds of your pupils.

It may be defined by topics or themes, or greater involvement of pupils in deciding what they are going to learn.

These are the benefits of a creative curriculum and the steps you can take to build one.

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