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How to reintegrate students with mental health challenges

Reading time: 3 minutes

Students with mental health challenges can find it difficult to attend a mainstream setting which can diminish their educational potential. Schools can also find it troublesome trying to implement a suitable provision and raise attendance figures.

However, there can be alternatives provided for these children struggling which can allow them to thrive in their education. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some strategies you can implement to help reintegrate your students with mental health challenges.

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Battling anxiety and boosting school attendance

Reading time: 3 minutes

Anxiety levels in children and young people have increased in recent years with many finding it challenging to attend mainstream education. What can we do to overcome these challenges to raise attendance and effectively support anxiety?

EDClass spoke to the director of Elemental Health, Ange McMillan to discuss anxiety and attendance challenges and how we can best overcome these barriers. Ange specialises in supporting children and young people who experience anxiety challenges and barriers to school attendance. She also works in collaboration with youth services to implement the best service possible to help.

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Anxiety: How to support students who struggle to attend

Reading time: 4 minutes

Anxiety is a normal and often healthy emotion. However, when anxiety is excessive and interferes with daily life, it can become a problem. This is especially true for students, who are often under a lot of pressure to succeed.

Anxiety amongst other mental health challenges has resulted in heightened absenteeism. The BBC News recently reported:

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5 ways a pastoral wraparound approach can help those with mental health issues

Reading time: 3 minutes

Pastoral care is an essential part of school life and aims to meet the needs of a pupil’s happiness, safety, well-being, and ultimately future success. How a school offers this pastoral wraparound care has to be personalized to meet the individual needs of the students in their setting, however, in this article, we discuss 5 ways in which pastoral support can help those students with mental health issues.

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3 ways to improve students’ mental health when they learn remotely

Reading time: 3 minutes

Students’ mental health has been an ever-growing concern, especially for those learning remotely. Here are three ways how their wellbeing can be improved when they learn online.

Students learn remotely due to a variety of reasons such as medical, SEND or other underlying reasons.

What can be done to help support these students’ mental health? How can they be supported when learning remotely? Ultimately, how can their mental wellbeing be supported when they are online and ensure their safety?

Here are three ways to improve students’ mental health when they learn remotely.

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Understanding the learners with mental health needs

Reading time: 3 minutes

Many students experience increased levels of anxiety throughout their time spent in school. Some students have to cope with the unpleasant chores of separating and individuating from their biological families.

In contrast, others may have to attend to many employment and family commitments in addition to their academic strain. You, as teachers, have a special connection with young people. As a result, you are often privy to or made aware of when kids are going through a difficult time emotionally.

This is because you have a unique relationship with them. To create a supportive learning environment, you must be aware of ways to assist both your mental health and well-being as well as that of your students. You must be able to deal with these circumstances appropriately, not only for your wellness but also for the well-being of the kids who require support.

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Mental health issues in education – time to improve

Reading time: 5 minutes

Mental health concerns within education have increased over the past few years. Concerning the recent SEND review and alternative provisions, what can be done to improve the situation and the negative stigma that surrounds certain APs?

3 main concerns that the SEND review highlighted are that children are making inadequate progress, families are dissatisfied with the situation and financially the situation isn’t sustainable.

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