5 Potential career paths

5 potential career paths for…music students

Although music lessons are under pressure because of budget restrictions in schools, there is a wide range of career opportunities for musically gifted students who choose this career path.

A knowledge of music – both theoretical and practical – can open doors into teaching, music production, broadcasting, sound engineering, songwriting and even therapy.

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5 potential career paths for…classics students

Latin, Classical Greek, ancient history, philosophy – these are a few of the subjects that fall under the category of ‘classics’.

Some wrongfully believe classics subjects to be so firmly rooted in the past, that they equip students with few skills for the modern world.

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5 potential career paths for…art and design students

The art and design industry is incredibly diverse, yet no matter the specific niche one thing is universal – entrants to this industry must work their way up.

Even where further education has been followed, junior posts are the generic starting point to prove your mettle and demonstrate creative flair and imagination.

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5 potential career paths for…history students

Students with a interest in history can occasionally feel discouraged by the emphasis on STEM subjects. The perception that only studying those subjects will lead to a successful career can dissuade students from choosing a non-STEM career path.

As teachers, you know the most important thing is to encourage pupils to discover which path they want to take, and offer them as much support and encouragement as possible.

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