Changes and cancellations hit exams in Scotland

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Exams in Scotland are to be adjusted or cancelled in 2021, the Education Secretary has announced.

The biggest announcement has seen National 5 exams cancelled and replaced with teacher assessments and coursework.

John Swinney said it was likely students would face disruption and that the Covid-19 pandemic was “too big a risk“.

Here is what you need to know.

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Having a positive alternative provision where students are learning

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A positive alternative provision provides students with meaningful learning activities with meaningful learning activities which improves self esteem, engagement and subsequently quality of life and their relationship with those around them.

A positive alternative provision backs EDClass’ ethos of education for all. By providing a one-to-one support with a person or through a system they like, they are more likely to engage in education, learn and develop.

This blog post takes a look at the benefits of having a positive alternative provision where students are learning.

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Inclusive education: what can be done to make the system more inclusive

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Should GCSEs be changed to create a more inclusive education?

The flawed exam algorithm may have established a flaw in the goal of an inclusive education.

With pupils automatically disadvantaged based on where they are from, the system could be the strongest indicator yet that pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds have to work harder to achieve in the education system. 

Experts have wade in on the debate about whether there need to be a revamp, including of the GCSE system, in order to make learning more inclusive.

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Racist bullying in England hits record high

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Racist bullying is endemic in our schools in the UK, according to a report on racism in schools released this week.

Analysis of Government figures by campaigners Hope Not Hate – and published in the London Evening Standard – found that English schools suspended or permanently excluded students 4,904 times for racist abuse in 2018-19.

It marks a 13% increase from 4,329 which was record in 2017-18 – and it is the highest number since records began in 2006.

Why is racist bullying so high and what can be done about it? This blog post explains.

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Behavioural repair – a quick guide

Reading time: 7 minutes

There is a wide range of research on the ramifications of poor pupil behaviour and behavioural repair.

Though there may be a common perception that the younger generation is “worse than their predecessors“, due to behaviour repair the opposite is true.

When surveyed, 70-76% of teachers say that behaviour is good or better in their school. How is behavioural repair contributing to this and what can you do to ensure behaviour support in your classroom?

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700,000 children excluded from education

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700,000 children do not have a laptop or tablet for home learning – as the coronavirus has widens the attainment gap between pupils.

Children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, said the outcome of the pandemic on vulnerable pupils creates a ‘a stark risk of them falling behind their peers’.

What has been the impact of Covid-19 on the attainment gap?

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KS1 SATs could be replaced by assessments. Is this a good idea?

Reading time: 2 minutes

At the end of March, 2017, the government announced that they were looking to replace KS1 SATs with teacher assessments.

For years, teachers and parents alike have been pressuring the government to scrap SATs for seven-year-olds because they felt that these tests placed unnecessary stress on everyone involved, and were not reliable indicators of a student’s ability.

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