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Learning at home may become the new norm as the coronavirus closes schools around the world.

290 million pupils are facing weeks at home. Widespread closures are already in place in Italy, China and Japan – and the UK could soon follow suit.

Further, hundreds of schools were closed last November due to flooding. A large number of homes were flooded as a result of heavy downpour last month too. But what should your school do with students’ education in these circumstances and how practical is online learning?

Home learning definition

Learning at home is defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill in a home environment.

Home-schooling also provides a wide range of benefits such as offering more flexibility, environmental benefits and the education process becoming more child-led and tailored.

Further, children are less afraid about asking a parent or an online teacher about something they don’t understand – with many finding putting their hand up in a classroom intimidating.

What will happen if schools are forced to close?

According to The Atlantic, “after two weeks away from schools, kids would be considerably behind in their learning curricula.”

Subsequently the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention advises students to avoid the spread of Covid-19 to “implement e-learning plans, including digital and distance learning options as feasible and appropriate.”

In February, China’s Ministry of Education issued a statement encouraging schools to use internet platforms as an alternative way of teaching students.

School closures may form part of the UK Government’s delay strategy as part of their plan to tackling the virus. However, no timescale has currently been set.

Meanwhile, there is concern from critics that school shutdown are likely to not only threaten the economic climate, but also identify the strains on family life throughout the UK.

How can EDLounge help?

EDLounge’s online learning platform means education does not have to come to a halt even if schools are closed.

EDClass+ features 11,000+ lessons in a wide range of subjects, plus with safeguarding a number one priority, a number of features are built-in to ensure a safe learning environment for your child.

In 2019, EDLounge was inspected by Ofsted. You can read the report here.

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