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Homework is something that the vast majority of student’s dread, and it is the least looked forward to at the end of the day. It can be equally frustrating for teachers as well, after all they want nothing more than to inspire students, and it is not often that homework does this.

However, there are ways that you can make homework that much more interesting for students, and these five tips will help you to discover how. No matter what age group you are teaching, there is a method here that is sure to make things a little more enjoyable.

1. Sticker Charts

This is particularly favoured by the younger students (although it can be used with older ones as well, it all depends on the class). When students complete their homework and hand it in on time, they receive a sticker on their homework chart.

Once the chart is full, there should be some kind of end reward, which can be determined by you. Often, it is some kind of special privilege they would not be allowed ordinarily. It can generate great results for your class and their enjoyment of the homework you set.

2. Creativity

Sometimes more creative projects for homework can make things more fun for students – and this works for all age groups. You can have them complete their homework in any creative manner, whether it is drawing comic strips, creating poetry or short stories, even little skits to show in class.

Creativity brings out a whole other side in your students, and it gives them homework to look forward to – not something they dread. As a result, you could find that they end up putting more effort into it because they want to impress you as well as their peers.

3. Group Projects

Some students will enjoy being allocated a group project, such as a presentation piece, for homework. Not only does it encourage teamwork, but also communication and creativity. Every subject can incorporate group projects, and they are a great way of letting students express themselves.

Plus, they are more likely to enjoy the homework, and possibly feel more focused in class – especially when it comes to watching the group projects of others.

4. School Trip

Students like incentive. It could be practical, your school’s permission providing, that if every student hands their homework in on time that term, then the class receives a day trip. This could be education, recreational, whatever you and your school decide works best. It works as fantastic motivation and is sure to show some excellent results for your class and their homework enjoyment.

5. Listening

Sometimes auditory homework can be the best kind. Many students suffer from high levels of stress due to the amount of work they have to complete, and so piling more written homework on top of it can cause further stress.

A listening exercise can sometimes help them to relax, such as listening to the next chapter of the text being read in class, or an interesting and relevant book for the class they are taking. Little things like this can make the work more fun, but also help your students come in with a calm mind.